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Honorable Albert Sachs: Activist, former judge, and author

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Charlie Wolf Memorial Lecture


Charlotte McClain-Nhlapo is the Global Disability Advisor for the World Bank Group. Her appointment comes at a time when the World Bank Group is working to mainstream disability in development under its twin goals to end poverty and promote shared prosperity.

As Disability Advisor, Ms. McClain-Nhlapo focuses on working with and supporting operational teams across the institution to ensure that Bank policies, programs and projects take people with disabilities into consideration.

Her responsibilities include: leading the production of analytical products; analyzing and articulating Bank policy on disability and development, advising on the role that the Bank should play; establishing criteria and an operational results framework for monitoring the outcomes of the Bank's disability work.

As a well-respected human rights lawyer in disability and child rights, Ms. McClain-Nhlapo returned to the World Bank after serving four years at USAID as the senior coordinator for disability and inclusive development.

Appointed by U.S. President Barak Obama in 2011, she led USAID's work on disability inclusive development, from developing policies and country strategies to technical assistance for program implementation.

Prior to this, she worked as a senior operations officer at the Bank to integrate disability inclusive development into operations in the East Asia Pacific and Africa regions.

Earlier in her career, she was appointed by President Nelson Mandela as a Commissioner to the South African Human Rights Commission focusing on social and economic rights, disability rights and child rights.

From 1996 to 1998, she also served as one of the first cohort of child protection officers for UNICEF.

Charlotte holds Law Degrees in international law and administration from the University of Warsaw, Poland and Cornell Law School. She is lives in Washington DC.

Watch her recent TEDx Talk at:

EIB Expert Engagement Workshop: Integrating Climate Change Considerations into Organizations' Strategies, Processes, and Standards

This workshop, facilitated by the European Investment Bank (EIB), will familiarize practitioners with the EIB's strategic approach to Climate Action and the ongoing integration of climate change aspects into the EIB standards. It will be an opportunity to discuss interlinkages between climate change, environment, and social impacts and exchange views on how to better integrate climate change considerations into strategies, due-diligence, and project-level impact assessments.  

DATE/TIME: 15 May 2018 ǀ 09:00-17:00
MIN/MAX: 20-80