IAIA19 Submitted Paper & Presentation Abstracts

Following is a list of IAIA19 Annual Conference paper & presentation abstracts.

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  • Choosing prevention or cure when mitigating biodiv


    Abstract ID# 16

    Presenting Author: Joseph  Bull |  Coauthor(s):  E.J. Milner-Gulland

    Summary Statement: When mitigating the biodiversity impacts of economic development, a crucial yet overlooked issue is how much impacts can be avoided (instead of offset). We explore that here.

    Acceptance Status: pending


  • Community involvement in EIA Process in Nigeria


    Abstract ID# 19

    Presenting Author: Meshach   Ojile |  Coauthor(s):  Andrew Samuel

    Summary Statement: Study reports on level of participation/involvement of stakeholder communities in EIA process in oil/gas project planning in part of Niger Delta, Nigeria

    Acceptance Status: pending


  • Consultation and cumulative impacts in the Galilee


    Abstract ID# 20

    Presenting Author: Katie  Meissner

    Summary Statement: Don’t mention the other mines: a study of participant experience and cumulative impacts in the consultation process for four proposed coal mining developments in Queensland’s Galilee Basin.

    Acceptance Status: pending


  • Ecosystem Services in Brazilian Hydropower Plannin


    Abstract ID# 22

    Presenting Author: Davi Wilkson  Furtado Sozinho |  Coauthor(s):  Amarilis Lucia Casteli Figueiredo Gallardo

    Summary Statement: The Amazon hydropower planning has to recognize the ecosystem services offered by this biome by including them within the cumulative impacts assessment of a set of projects in a watershed

    Acceptance Status: pending


  • Environmental Design Criteria for Project Design


    Abstract ID# 6

    Presenting Author: Simon  Catchpole

    Summary Statement: The environmental criteria for project design are specifications based on an aspects analysis, followed by the application of defensible rules according to: regulations, guidelines, best practice.

    Acceptance Status: pending


  • Extractives: A conversation with the Turkana


    Abstract ID# 14

    Presenting Author: Alex   Mutiso

    Summary Statement: A lesson from the Turkana on the EIA process in the oil and gas extractives industry: We should be patient enough to be taught from those we seek to impact.

    Acceptance Status: pending


  • Factors for Siting a Used Nuclear Fuel Facility


    Abstract ID# 7

    Presenting Author: Melissa  Mayhew |  Coauthor(s):  Matt Evans

    Summary Statement: Benefits and challenges of identifying a site for a used nuclear fuel facility when engineering constraints, bio-physical factors, and social considerations are integrated early in project planning.

    Acceptance Status: pending


  • Going digital - Is this Evolution or Revolution


    Abstract ID# 9

    Presenting Author: Paul  Eijssen

    Summary Statement: What does a shift to a digital way of working mean? We will explore what’s possible today in working digitally and where we stand with digital reporting today

    Acceptance Status: pending


  • Gradual or Sudden: System and Science in IA


    Abstract ID# 18

    Presenting Author: Myungjin  Kim

    Summary Statement: Lessons and experiences learned from gradual or sudden development in system and science of IA are being discussed.

    Acceptance Status: pending


  • Indigenous Knowledge Meets Western Science


    Abstract ID# 10

    Presenting Author: Jessica  Perritt |  Coauthor(s):  Melissa Mayhew

    Summary Statement: The NWMO is operationalizing our policy on interweaving Indigenous Knowledge with western science. We reflect on benefits from early efforts, and describe ways we continue to develop our methods.

    Acceptance Status: pending


  • Mikisew Cree vs Canada, CEAA 2012 and Bill C-69.


    Abstract ID# 21

    Presenting Author: Daniel   Stuckless

    Summary Statement: In 2013 Mikisew Cree First Nation challenged Canada's dismantling of environmental laws as they pertain to Treaty Rights. This paper evaluates the outcome of the courts, the work on Bill C-69 and hav

    Acceptance Status: pending


  • More than a classroom – Training and Capacity Bu


    Abstract ID# 12

    Presenting Author: Liz   Green

    Summary Statement: This paper outline the new Training and Capacity Building Strategy for HIA in Wales and the associated Knowledge and Skills Framework which includes a breakdown of the roles played in HIA.

    Acceptance Status: pending


  • Plant diversity and ecosystem services assessment


    Abstract ID# 5

    Presenting Author: Rahmatullah  Qureshi

    Summary Statement: Karot Hydropower Project (KHPP) is inhabited by some of the native/naturalized species such as Adhatoda zeylanica, Carissa opaca, Dodonaea viscosa, Mallotus philippensis, Maytenus royleanus and Themed

    Acceptance Status: pending


  • SIA and DRA commonalities: SA regulatory compariso


    Abstract ID# 11

    Presenting Author: Leandri  Kruger

    Summary Statement: Comparisons between South African EM and DRM legislation suggest potential opportunities for the integration between SIA and DRA, leading to improved SIA status and practice in South Africa.

    Acceptance Status: pending


  • Significance in Impact Assessment in Canada under


    Abstract ID# 17

    Presenting Author: Bill  Ross

    Summary Statement: The new Canadian Impact Assessment Act has virtually done away with the word "significance". This presentation will examine the change and suggest how to make the new act work in spite of the loss.

    Acceptance Status: pending


  • Socio-economic impacts of Offshore Wind Farms (OWF


    Abstract ID# 15

    Presenting Author: John  Glasson |  Coauthor(s):  Bridget Durning

    Summary Statement: Research findings, drawing on the monitoring of EU North Sea projects, on the potential of Offshore Wind Projects to bring socio-economic benefits to often deprived local and regional coastal communit

    Acceptance Status: pending


  • The evolution of Health Impact Assessment (HIA) in


    Abstract ID# 13

    Presenting Author: Liz  Green

    Summary Statement: The paper outlines the new statutory requirements for HIA in Wales and what it entails, how this has come to fruition and how Wales's learning could be transferred across sectors and the globe.

    Acceptance Status: pending


  • The project itself or the impact assessment proces


    Abstract ID# 8

    Presenting Author: Natasha  Reifschneider

    Summary Statement: As IA practitioners, do we have a responsibility to assess not only the impacts of the project on communities, but the impact of the impact assessment process?

    Acceptance Status: pending


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