IAIA18 Submitted Poster Abstracts

Following is a list of IAIA18 Annual Conference poster abstracts.

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    Abstract ID# 9

    Presenting Author: Paulo Roberto  Armanini Tagliani

    Summary Statement: This work present a free digital platform developed by the Coastal Management Laboratory of the Rio Grande Federal University (Brazil) to facilitate the EIS analysis

    Acceptance Status: approved


  • Air Quality EA for Industrial Complex in Korea


    Abstract ID# 16

    Presenting Author: Nankyoung  Moon |  Coauthor(s):  Jongsik Ha ,   Jihyun   Seo

    Summary Statement: We evaluated the impact of the major industrial complexes such as petrochemical, refining and steel complex and estimated the number of premature deaths to investigate the impact on the public health.

    Acceptance Status: approved


  • Alternative method to provide water for human need


    Abstract ID# 65

    Presenting Author: Júlia  Lima

    Summary Statement: the problem of precarious sanitary conditions requires treatment systems appropriate to the Brazilian reality: low operating costs, easy maintenance and high efficiency

    Acceptance Status: approved


  • An innovative evaluation of ecosystem services


    Abstract ID# 23

    Presenting Author: Patricia  Rodrigues |  Coauthor(s):  Barbara Monteiro ,   Nuno   Oliveira

    Summary Statement: An innovative approach to the evaluation of ecosystem services was produced, based on the identification of ecosystem services per habitats and the classification of its importance.

    Acceptance Status: approved


  • An online scoping tool using vulnerability maps


    Abstract ID# 45

    Presenting Author: Pascal  Van Ghelue |  Coauthor(s):  Veerle Timmermans ,   Dick   van Straaten

    Summary Statement: In Flanders, a more effective scoping online system will be created. Vulnerability maps and sub activities of the proposed activity will be used to determine potential environmental impacts.

    Acceptance Status: approved


  • Analysis in Environmental Geo-informatics with UAV


    Abstract ID# 41

    Presenting Author: Yongyan  ZHU

    Summary Statement: The Usability Analysis of the Fourth Industrial Revolution Technologies in Environmental Geo-informatics with UAV

    Acceptance Status: approved


  • Analysis of ecological hotspot area


    Abstract ID# 40

    Presenting Author: Jieun  Ryu |  Coauthor(s):  Dong-Kun Lee ,   Seong Woo   Jeong

    Summary Statement: This study not only considered the health and diversity of the ecosystem but also optimized the evaluation results through the mechanical learning method.

    Acceptance Status: approved


  • Atmospheric pollution by particulate matter


    Abstract ID# 32

    Presenting Author: Deborah  Pereira Santos |  Coauthor(s):  Flávio Daniel Ferreira

    Summary Statement: Atmospheric pollution by particulate matter: temporal and spatial variation in the state of Minas Gerais, Brazil

    Acceptance Status: approved


  • Biodiversity-rich connection of two continents


    Abstract ID# 14

    Presenting Author: Defne  ARISOY

    Summary Statement: TANAP, a Mega Pipeline Project, connecting two continents without sacrificing Biodiversity and enhancing in-country ecological database with its baseline studies, action plan and offset strategy.

    Acceptance Status: approved


  • Changes of Land-use and Coverage Types


    Abstract ID# 15

    Presenting Author: Guanlong  Gao |  Coauthor(s):  Wei Li ,   Lingxian   Cao ,   Ruifeng

    Summary Statement: The vegetation in Ejin Oasis recovered gradually after the water recharge in 2000.

    Acceptance Status: approved


  • Compendium: National EIA Professional Recognition


    Abstract ID# 57

    Presenting Author: Josh  Fothergill

    Summary Statement: The poster presents the findings of an IAIA research grant funded study exploring national recognition schemes for individual EIA practitioners.

    Acceptance Status: approved


  • Content Analysis of EIA in India


    Abstract ID# 27

    Presenting Author: Gayatri  Chawda |  Coauthor(s):  Takehiko Murayama ,   Shigeo   Nishikizawa

    Summary Statement: Out of 281, 73%, 76%, 35%, 12%, 84%, 8%, 72%, have Environmental Status, Impact study, Alternative analysis, Risk analysis, Mitigation, Consultation, Monitoring, respectively as main chapters name.

    Acceptance Status: approved


  • Crime Science improves biodiversity goals in EIAs


    Abstract ID# 50

    Presenting Author: Catherine  Kerr-Smith

    Summary Statement: Focusing on the EIA decision-making process to protect biodiversity and ecosystems, Crime Science uses empirical evidence to determine why ‘crime events’ such as legislative 'rule-breaking' happen.

    Acceptance Status: approved


  • Determinants of health: challenges of project leve


    Abstract ID# 46

    Presenting Author: Francesca  Viliani

    Summary Statement: HIA of projects encounter limitations when the broader context and developmental issues are not considered, health therefore needs to be better included at the policy and planning phases, to ensure th

    Acceptance Status: approved


  • Dichotomies of landcover mapping for ESIA


    Abstract ID# 29

    Presenting Author: Tim  O'Donnell

    Summary Statement: Some of the key benefits in using freely available satellite imagery to derive landcover maps for the assessment of habitat usage by society and fauna alike.

    Acceptance Status: approved


  • Disaster Preparedness and Response


    Abstract ID# 10

    Presenting Author: Hari  Garbharran

    Summary Statement: Humans In Crisis volunteers trained in emergency response practices make positive impact to 2017 hurricanes in USA

    Acceptance Status: approved


  • EA: A Sustainability Steering Wheel


    Abstract ID# 17

    Presenting Author: Matilda  Azong |  Coauthor(s):  Sindiso Charlotte Chamane ,   Dikeme   ,   Otsile Niel

    Summary Statement: This poster presents some of the experiences of CLEAA’s Professional Development Fellowship Program participants, advancing the use of environmental assessment best practices in Sub- Saharan Africa.

    Acceptance Status: approved


  • EIA implementations on IPA projects in Turkey


    Abstract ID# 52

    Presenting Author: Ali  Albayrak |  Coauthor(s):  İsmail Raci Bayer ,   Bahadır   Bozkır ,   Selman

    Summary Statement: EU supports Turkey for envirionmental infrastructure development and EIA process for those investment should be re-organised and EU Commission decisions shşod be adopted to Turkish EIA system.

    Acceptance Status: approved


  • EIA in Korea's Onshore Wind Power Project


    Abstract ID# 12

    Presenting Author: Young-Joon  Lee |  Coauthor(s):  Dong Jun Chun ,   Moung Jin   Lee ,   Jong-Yoon

    Summary Statement: This study suggests solutions to minimize the conflict of excellent wind resource distribution area with nature conservation area for expansion of onshore wind power project in Korea.

    Acceptance Status: approved


  • Empowered through Play


    Abstract ID# 38

    Presenting Author: Sian  Oosthuizen

    Summary Statement: Empowering society to actively engage in decision making can be achieved by playing games that simulate reality - enabling stakeholders to generate understanding, test scenarios and build knowledge.

    Acceptance Status: approved


  • Engagement: showing compliance with standards


    Abstract ID# 26

    Presenting Author: Mark  Westbury

    Summary Statement: This poster provides a model for recording stakeholder engagement in a way that helps to demonstrate alignment with international standards and to provide robust evidence to support the ESDD process.

    Acceptance Status: approved


  • Enhancing SEA through Governance


    Abstract ID# 58

    Presenting Author: Margarida  Monteiro |  Coauthor(s):  Maria Partidário

    Summary Statement: We suggest a governance approach to SEA built upon governance principles that, in our understanding, can increase or further improve the value and outcomes of SEA.

    Acceptance Status: approved




    Abstract ID# 47

    Presenting Author: Júlia  Lima

    Summary Statement: Environmental Education; Critical Thinking; Environmental Attitude; environmental attitudes; extra-curricular activities; value priorities; largescale survey; interests in science topics; influence.

    Acceptance Status: approved


  • Environmental Justice through EIA regulations


    Abstract ID# 53

    Presenting Author: Ntokozo  Sosibo

    Summary Statement: The objective of the paper is to establish the role of EIA regulations with respect to Environmental Justice. Who is really benefiting by all the EIA regulations?

    Acceptance Status: approved


  • Estimating potential of floating solar power


    Abstract ID# 44

    Presenting Author: Jong-Yoon  Park |  Coauthor(s):  Young-Joon Lee ,   Dong-Jun   Chun ,   Moung-Jin

    Summary Statement: A hierarchical approach for estimating the potential of floating solar power on agricultural reservoirs by considering technical, environmental and social factors

    Acceptance Status: approved


  • Estimation of diesel vehicles emission in HIA


    Abstract ID# 22

    Presenting Author: Yumi  Kim |  Coauthor(s):  Mina Kim

    Summary Statement: Current status and problems of air pollutant emission estimation of diesel vehicle in EIA and HIA were investigated and then improved method of emission factor application method was suggested.

    Acceptance Status: approved




    Abstract ID# 20

    Presenting Author: Rafael Tavares de Lucena Lotti   Vieira |  Coauthor(s):  Eliane Silva Ferreira Almeida ,   Fabrício Carlos Abreu   Penido

    Summary Statement: The EIA is presented as a tool to improve environmental and social performance in road projects, demonstrating the case study of the Restoration and Capacity Building work of the BR-174.

    Acceptance Status: approved




    Abstract ID# 25

    Presenting Author: Eliane  Almeida |  Coauthor(s):  Camila Matias ,   Carolina   Gondim ,   Filipo ,   Thiago MouraDomenico

    Summary Statement: The improper disposal of solid waste is a big problem Brazilian and this is responsible for result in impacts on the environment that impact on public health of the population.

    Acceptance Status: approved


  • IA of a one-stop-shop for environmental permits


    Abstract ID# 11

    Presenting Author: Jorma   Jantunen

    Summary Statement: The poster presents IA process and the main results of a legislative proposal for coordination of environmental permitting procedures (one-stop-shop) in Finland.

    Acceptance Status: approved


  • Impacts of the Kariba dam; A case of Lusitu area


    Abstract ID# 39

    Presenting Author: Peter  Mautelo |  Coauthor(s):  Justin Phiri ,   Nancy   Mushota

    Summary Statement: The impacts of the construction of the Kariba Dam are still being felt even now by the people relocated without putting into consideration adequate support to their social well being.

    Acceptance Status: approved


  • Integrated Environmental Assessment of Pre-Salt


    Abstract ID# 62

    Presenting Author: Eliane  Almeida |  Coauthor(s):  Fabricio Penido

    Summary Statement: The integrated environmental assessment methodology proposed was elaborated based on the analysis of the environmental impacts arising from the Environmental Impact Assesment of Pre-salt Projects.

    Acceptance Status: approved


  • Integrating groundwater into IA and urban planning


    Abstract ID# 66

    Presenting Author: Javier  Clausen

    Summary Statement: Through an urban SEA, groundwater(GW) is integrated as a VC and water buffer for climate change; addressing technical, legal, and institutional shortcomings of GW management in the region.

    Acceptance Status: approved


  • Investigating Indigenous perceptions of noise


    Abstract ID# 24

    Presenting Author: David  Michaud |  Coauthor(s):  Stephen Keith ,   Graham   Irvine ,   Allison ,   Katherine HessDenning

    Summary Statement: The proposed pilot project intends to evaluate Indigenous perceptions of environmental noise in two communities as their perception may differ from that of the general Canadian population.

    Acceptance Status: approved


  • Is bird conservation a barrier to wind energy?


    Abstract ID# 61

    Presenting Author: Marcelo  Montaño

    Summary Statement: Identification of alternatives site to prevent trade-offs between wind energy expansion and birdlife conservation: case of study in Brazil.

    Acceptance Status: approved


  • Issue for EIA on Management of Soil in Korea


    Abstract ID# 33

    Presenting Author: Kyung  Yang |  Coauthor(s):  Kyung-Hee Shin ,   Kyoung-Ho   Kim

    Summary Statement: The problems and its solutions of EIA on soil environment, especially for soil contamination management in Republic of Korea were suggested.

    Acceptance Status: approved


  • Knowledge Brokerage in Fisheries Management


    Abstract ID# 59

    Presenting Author: Maria  Partidário |  Coauthor(s):  Rute Cegonho ,   Margarida   Monteiro ,   Margarida

    Summary Statement: The bottom-up participatory approach of ConFish Project is presented to share lessons on positive actions for knowledge brokerage and transform fishery community practices towards a sustainable change

    Acceptance Status: approved


  • Landscape Analysis in EIA: A Biodiversity Ally?


    Abstract ID# 56

    Presenting Author: Christina  Rehbein |  Coauthor(s):  Dr. Mike Brklacich ,   Dr. Scott   Mitchell

    Summary Statement: Study results suggest gaps where landscape analysis could enhance biodiversity dimensions of EIA. We introduce a simulation model to explore how this might inform decisions and impact biodiversity.

    Acceptance Status: approved


  • Offshore Wind Farm in Korean Southwestern coastal


    Abstract ID# 30

    Presenting Author: Jinsung  Seo |  Coauthor(s):  Junho Maeng ,   Seonyoung   Park

    Summary Statement: It is expected to provide environmental impact assessment and ocean safety guidelines for the establishment of offshore wind farms suitable for domestic waters by providing environmental information a

    Acceptance Status: approved


  • Portrait of Public Participation in Brazil


    Abstract ID# 19

    Presenting Author: Rafael  Ishimoto Della Nina

    Summary Statement: Portrait of public participation in 23 EIA processes of hydroelectric power plants in Brazil, based on a quantitative and qualitative analysis of all public interventions.

    Acceptance Status: approved


  • Quantifying the loss: Livelihood Framework applied


    Abstract ID# 48

    Presenting Author: Alexandra  Maurtua Konstantinidi

    Summary Statement: Livelihood Framework approach to LRP planning. The quantification of the loss through livelihood capitals to identify adequate restoration and improvement activities

    Acceptance Status: approved


  • Reference matrix and qualification of EIA


    Abstract ID# 18

    Presenting Author: Felipe  Araujo |  Coauthor(s):  Gisela Mello ,   Alysson   Ramos ,   Lilian

    Summary Statement: Elaboration of a cause and effect reference matrix to improve EIA of power lines, through the standardization and the settlement of the main issues and impacts that need to be addressed.

    Acceptance Status: approved


  • Rehabilitating Wetlands as Carbon Offsets


    Abstract ID# 43

    Presenting Author: Kamleshan  Pillay

    Summary Statement: The rehabilitation of wetlands can act as carbon offsets. Wetland rehabilitation differs dependent on the type of wetland being restored and effectiveness of the rehabilitation plan.

    Acceptance Status: approved


  • Risks of transition enabled by economic orthodoxy


    Abstract ID# 28

    Presenting Author: Francini  van Staden

    Summary Statement: A theoretical call to how transition movement assumptions founded on economic orthodoxy are contributing to socio-ecological justice risks and vulnerabilities, with complementary ideologies proposed.

    Acceptance Status: approved


  • River flow and nutrient changes using periphyton


    Abstract ID# 49

    Presenting Author: Samiksha  Singh

    Summary Statement: Periphyton due to its susceptibility to changes in flow regimes and nutrient composition are good indicators of river health.

    Acceptance Status: approved


  • SEA in the Colombian post-conflict context


    Abstract ID# 21

    Presenting Author: Juanita   Gallego Dávila

    Summary Statement: This article offers a critical analysis of the applicability and relevance of Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) in the post conflict and recovery period in Colombia

    Acceptance Status: approved


  • SEA Large Scale Engagement: 2 Million People


    Abstract ID# 51

    Presenting Author: Paige Diana  Kelly

    Summary Statement: Illustrate the methodology of a large scale engagement and outcomes of the public participation process regarding a telecommunication project impacting 2 million people in Namibia.

    Acceptance Status: approved


  • SEA Outcomes applied to Scottish Waste Strategies


    Abstract ID# 70

    Presenting Author: Elsa   João |  Coauthor(s):  Joyce Celestino ,   Marcelo   Montano

    Summary Statement: Tiering and outcomes incorporation from environmental assessment at strategic levels of decision – lessons from Scottish SEA system applied to waste management strategies.

    Acceptance Status: approved


  • Species distribution and resilience range


    Abstract ID# 37

    Presenting Author: Hye In  Chung

    Summary Statement: Extracting species distribution and establishing the concept of resilience range using multi species distribution models, based on new ensemble methodology.

    Acceptance Status: approved




    Abstract ID# 36

    Presenting Author: Shiraz  Swan

    Summary Statement: This paper explains the legal architecture of EIA appraisal adopted in India and some it’s most problematic aspects with focus on improving public participation during planning, assessment, appraisal

    Acceptance Status: approved


  • TANAP, “Silk Road of Pipelines” serving Justice


    Abstract ID# 13

    Presenting Author: Fatih  Erdem

    Summary Statement: TANAP, “Silk Road of Pipelines” serving Environmental and Social Justice.

    Acceptance Status: approved


  • The circular economy joins sustainability teaching


    Abstract ID# 31

    Presenting Author: Elsa  João

    Summary Statement: Is fundamental that teaching of sustainability includes leading issues in circular economy. Survey results of 100+ participants on a new circular economy course (Strathclyde University) are presented.

    Acceptance Status: approved


  • The Mauri Model: Indigenous tool for IA


    Abstract ID# 64

    Presenting Author: Dylan   Taute

    Summary Statement: This poster presents a review of the Mauri Model and presents its application as a tool to assess the potential impacts of further geothermal development in NZ.

    Acceptance Status: approved


  • Trade-off between Economic Growth and Environment


    Abstract ID# 35

    Presenting Author: Nira  Achrya

    Summary Statement: There is tradeoff between economic growth and environment because of desire to high growth and excessive use of resources that cause environmental pollution. Poor people and poor countries depend on t

    Acceptance Status: approved


  • Urban Heat Map making using network based observat


    Abstract ID# 68

    Presenting Author: Seunghyun  Jung

    Summary Statement: This study enabled regional classification based on heat island characteristics to contribute to establishment of measure for each regional classification.

    Acceptance Status: approved


  • Urban Heat Wave vulnerability for Climate Change


    Abstract ID# 67

    Presenting Author: Minhee  Je |  Coauthor(s):  Minhee Je ,   Seunghyun   Jung ,   Hyomin

    Summary Statement: This study aims to analyze vulnerable regions of thermal environments in the present and future thereby analyzing and discussing the main occurrence factors by region of classified thermal environment

    Acceptance Status: approved


  • Using visual language to manage environmental risk


    Abstract ID# 55

    Presenting Author: Danielle   Sanderson

    Summary Statement: Communicating sustainable development and environmental resilience to those outside this specialist realm requires branching out of purely scientific explanation and into that of graphics and media fo

    Acceptance Status: approved


  • Water Security in Urban Area of Jaipur City-India


    Abstract ID# 8

    Presenting Author: Kamal Narain  Joshi

    Summary Statement: Water security require protection of vulnerable water systems, protection against flood and drought and safeguardingwater services. Remote sensing provides valuable information to solve problem.

    Acceptance Status: approved


  • Water, Agriculture, Food, Energy Research Nexus


    Abstract ID# 54

    Presenting Author: Kelli  Roemer |  Coauthor(s):  Julia Haggerty

    Summary Statement: Regional interdisciplinary team of US scientists develop new innovations at the intersection of food, energy, and water systems while training the next generation of scientists.

    Acceptance Status: approved


  • Wetlands as an alternative to basic sanitation


    Abstract ID# 63

    Presenting Author: Júlia  Lima

    Summary Statement: Sanitation poor health conditions, it is necessary to build treatment systems suitable to the Brazilian reality, that is, low operating cost and maintenance and high efficiency.

    Acceptance Status: approved