IAIA20 Submitted Poster Abstracts

Following is a list of IAIA20 Annual Conference poster abstracts.

Abstracts: Pending Paper & PresentationPosters
  • Building Damage History by Natural Disasters in South Korea


    Abstract ID# 81

    Presenting Author: Jun Hoo  Lee |  Coauthor(s):  Seonghwan Yoon ,   KeumJi   Kim

    Summary Statement: We made building damage history data from annual disaster reports from 2005 to 2014 issued by the government of the Republic of Korea.

    Acceptance Status: pending


  • Land Acquisition Impact Assessment and Management of Public Works in Japan


    Abstract ID# 80

    Presenting Author: Kenji  Ogura |  Coauthor(s):  Tetsuya Otani

    Summary Statement: The Land Acquisition Impact Assessment and Management for public works (LAIAM) has been introduced as a social impact assessment in Japan. This poster shows the outline of LAIAM.

    Acceptance Status: pending