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Following is a list of IAIA20 Annual Conference Sessions which have been submitted.

  • Asian S3EA: Strategic, Spatial and Sustainable EA


    Session Proposal ID 184

    Lead Chair: Kiichiro  Hayashi |  CoChair:  Jong-Gwan Jung

    Session Format:  Pecha Kucha  |  Accepts Submissions:  Open

    The advancement of remote sensing technology and information technology, spatial analysis with a variety of environmental, social and economic items received a big attention. This session will focus on IA examples which support the strategic decision including SEA and utilized the well-organized spatial scale analysis for achieving SD in Asian regi

    Acceptance Status: pending


  • Economic impact assessment


    Session Proposal ID 182

    Lead Chair: Galina  Williams

    Session Format:  Paper session  |  Accepts Submissions:  Open

    Economic Impact Assessment (EcIA) is an important part of IA. Typically it is done simplistically in order to support the proposed projects. This session explores a better way to conduct EcIA. A range of case studies that demonstrate the potential use of various EcIA tools is provided.

    Acceptance Status: pending


  • Governance and Implementation Systems: Meeting our Challenges


    Session Proposal ID 185

    Lead Chair: Cheryl  Wasserman |  CoChair:  Various for each Part, for example Maria Da Cunha for the World Bank sessio dacunha

    Session Format:  Panel discussion  |  Accepts Submissions:  Closed

    IAIA Governance and Implementation Systems Section five part session on reforms to achieve greater efficiency and/or effectiveness. Explore implications of: a) EU directive, b) Enforcement of EIA requirements and conditions, c) World Bank reliance on country systems, d) Reform for timeliness, document clarity, transparency, participation, decisi

    Acceptance Status: pending


  • Integrated Foresight, Impact Assessment, M&E for Transformational Results


    Session Proposal ID 188

    Lead Chair: Elisabetta   Gotor |  CoChair:  Marta Kozicka

    Session Format:  Paper session  |  Accepts Submissions:  Open

    Increasingly complex and dynamic demands for development outcomes from the R4D community require framework which integrates strategic foresight, impact assessment, M&E and learning applied at multiple scales and envision inter- and trans-disciplinary approaches. This session evaluates state of the art of integrating these different methods for ach

    Acceptance Status: pending


  • Integrating Climate Change into IA: Key Design Elements


    Session Proposal ID 189

    Lead Chair: Meinhard  Doelle

    Session Format:  Paper session  |  Accepts Submissions:  Open

    This session will consider how to effectively integrate climate mitigation into IA at four critical stages, the application of the process, scoping, decision making, and follow-up

    Acceptance Status: pending


  • Livelihoods Restoration and Monitoring


    Session Proposal ID 183

    Lead Chair: Irge  Satiroglu

    Session Format:  Paper session  |  Accepts Submissions:  Open

    Livelihoods remain as the most complicated factor in projects that cause displacement. How do we assess the web of relations, activities and products people rely on? How do we ensure that they can create better lives and livelihoods? How do we assess if a livelihood restoration plan has reached its goals? And what if it doesn't?

    Acceptance Status: pending


  • Research and training in the strengthening of social impact assessment


    Session Proposal ID 186

    Lead Chair: John  Pilgrim |  CoChair:  Susanna Price

    Session Format:  Paper session  |  Accepts Submissions:  Open

    The session will explore and debate the role of research and training institutions, including universities, in developing and teaching social science methodologies and practice to permit the safeguarding of indigenous social systems and livelihoods displaced or affected by development projects.

    Acceptance Status: pending


  • SEA effectiveness: Getting more out of less


    Session Proposal ID 187

    Lead Chair: Ainhoa  Gonzalez |  CoChair:  Riki Therivel

    Session Format:  Workshop  |  Accepts Submissions:  Open

    This participative session will explore dimensions of SEA effectiveness, identify practical ways of improving the process, and highlight good practice examples.

    Acceptance Status: pending


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