Symposium Theme

IAIA International Symposium
Impact Assessment for Belt and Road Initiative Projects
Tsinghua University
Beijing, China
5-6 December 2019

China’s landmark Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) is the world’s largest strategic infrastructure project, with an estimated valued of at least US$1 trillion. BRI comprises the creation of a new economic ‘belt’ flowing from East Asia across Europe and Africa, as well as the design and delivery of necessary infrastructure to support these economic flows. This includes overland transport and the establishment of revitalized or new ocean shipping lanes. While BRI is a Chinese government-led initiative, its success is dependent upon the cooperation of at least 70 other countries, many of which are classified as low income or developing.

Impact assessment will be crucial to the successful implementation of BRI’s myriad projects and fundamental to ensuring BRI is achieved in a sustainable way, attending to environmental, social, health, and economic impacts of the initiative.

This symposium will bring the world’s leading practitioners and experts on impact assessment (IA) to China to explore the opportunities and challenges of BRI from a variety of impact assessment perspectives. It will expose participants to IA best practice and will consider how IA might be integrated into BRI project-related requirements across a variety of jurisdictions with varying IA regulations. The information and lessons learned will be compiled into a ‘best practice’ report for circulation to relevant government, industry, and civil society organizations.

Important Dates

20 August 2019
Online registration opens
Preliminary program available

18 November 2019
Registration closes

19 November 2019
Final program available

5-6 December 2019

7 December 2019
Optional tours (TBC)

Topics Include

  • BRI opportunities and risks: What can impact assessment offer?

  • IA Perspectives for BRI: Health Impact Assessment, Environmental Impact Assessment, and Social Impact Assessment

  • Crosscutting themes in IA for BRI: Climate change, resettlement and societal impacts, and digital innovation and AI

  • Country case studies: Africa, Asia/Pacific, and Europe

  • Policy and governance considerations: IA policy and regulation and the role of multilateral banks and intergovernmental agencies.

Program Committee

  • Associate Professor Sara Bice, The Australian National University and Tsinghua University

    Francesca Viliani, International SoS

    Professor Yongheng Yang, Centre for Public Private Partnerships, School of Public Policy and Management, Tsinghua University

    Peter Leonard, World Bank

    Yiren Feng, World Bank

    Professor Guoqing Shi, National Centre for Resettlement Studies, Hohai University


Tsinghua University

Hohai University, Nanjing

Australian National University

International SoS


About IAIA

IAIA is the International Association for Impact Assessment, organized in 1980 to bring together researchers, practitioners, and users of various types of impact assessment from all parts of the world. IAIA involves people from many disciplines and professions. Our members include corporate planners and managers, public interest advocates, government planners and administrators, private consultants and policy analysts, university and college teachers and their students. IAIA has members from over 120 nations. For 39 years IAIA has been holding annual conferences and events all over the world to promote best practices in impact assessment.

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