To Celebrate the 10th Anniversary of the SEA Directive and the Entry into Force of the SEA Protocol and to Evaluate Progress in Europe and Internationally

  • What is the state of SEA practice?
  • Is it making a difference to planning?
  • How does the experience of EU member states compare internationally?

This SEA conference is a special global IAIA thematic meeting separate from IAIA’s Annual Conference.

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Why This Meeting, Why Now

The conference is follow up on the successful global theme conference on SEA held in Prague in 2005 (Prague I). It is being held to celebrate the 10th Anniversary of the introduction of the EC SEA Directive and the coming into force of the UNECE SEA Protocol.

Now is an opportune time to review progress with SEA implementation in member states and Europe-wide and assess the prospects for future work under the SEA Protocol.

Although it will have a strong European focus, the conference will also consider major trends and developments in SEA that have occurred internationally, recognizing that much has happened in the interim period since Prague I and particularly in the area of development cooperation.

  • Review key trends, issues and lessons of progress in implementing the SEA Directive in the EU.
  • Examine developments of other forms and types of SEA systems in Europe and internationally.
  • Consider the role and potential of the SEA Protocol and other legal and policy instruments for promoting SEA, particularly at the policy level.
  • Include a session on the Tenth Anniversary of the SEA Directive: Looking Back, Looking Forward with keynote reviews and a panel discussion. Invited participants include senior officials of the EC, UNECE, Polish Presidency and other Member States.
Who Should Attend

The conference will provide a forum for discussion among planners and impact assessment professionals, government officials, researchers and NGO leaders.

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