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A new generation of regional transportation infrastructure development

How are VECs Chosen for CEA of Linear Projects?

A vision for policy appraisal: policy makers and scientists in dialogue

A more social science: ScientistEngagementinPolicy

Role of national auditors in improving assessments

Brokering knowledge in policy appraisal

What's needed for design of adaptive policy appraisal?

Added value of SEA

Integration of SEA in Flood Management Planning

SEA for Sustainability in Energy Sector Planning

Effective consideration of sustainability in SA and SEA

How is Biodiversity addressed in SEA?


SEA: resilience and sustainability for local SES

Mega-events in Rio de Janeiro: contributions of SEA


Sustainability and Prospects for SEA Turkey

Addressing Project Impacts to Biodiversity: Critical Roles for IAIA

Critical Habitat Assessment using IFC PS6 Criteria

Application of IFC’s PS6 in ESIAs of mining projects

Protecting Biodiversity in Hydroelectric Projects

Protect Rare Animals through EIA Process: Hong Kong

Applying the EU SEA Directive: Case studies and innovative approaches

A Question of Significance

A Question of Significance

Innovative integration of biodiversity into SEA

SEA Directive implementation: unfulfilled potential?

Framework for SEA Alternative Generation and Evaluation

SEA Review - Ireland's SEA Action Plan 2012-2016

SEA for River Basin Plan and LocaL Development Plan

Arctic Hydrocarbons: Addressing Community Aspirations and Effects

Addressing Arctic Aspirations

The Rapidly Changing Arctic-Challenges for ESHIA/SEMMP

SEA opportunities and constraints in the western Arctic

Asia-Europe dialogue on impact assessment implementation

supervision platform covering the entire EIA process

Practice of public participation in EIA in China

Construction and Future Development of the Environmenta

One Country, Two EIA Systems

Actual conditions of EIA Review Committees in Japan

Comparing Quality Practice in EIA in Hong Kong and UK

Two roads to hEAven: 25 years of EIA in NL and UK

Enhancing Russian EIA Practice – Guidelines for Russia

The post-law-enacted Assessment of the AREPCP

Public participation in the EU - East and West

Biodiversity-inclusive environmental assessment

factors affecting ecological environment in Xinjiang

Biodiversity Inclusive Impact Assessment in the Depths

The data and information conundrum: can less be better?

Changing EIA focus and trends to expect in the future

What’s a commitment worth?

Streamlined IA of Ethanol Projects in Brazil

Reduced EIA Procedure after Great East Japan Earthquake

New Sustainable Indicators for EcoTopia Society

Environmental Integration in Development Planning

The business of impact assessment; reflections from Ta

EIA Implementation in Balochistan & Volatile Security

Refining EIAs: Focusing on Valued Components


Exploring the Use of "Argument" in Impact Assessment

Shape Shifting Frameworks for Project Assessment

25 years of the UK EIA System: A SWOT Analysis

Evaluating the maturity of the IA system in Iran

Including Ecosystem Services in Environmenatal Planning

Assessing legacy effects

Chinese IA systerm and trends

Environmental Impacts of Shale Gas Development in China

Environmental assessment of a river watershed planning

Achieving Sustainable Urbanisation: the case of airport

Protection Zone of Construction Project

Standardization Of Thermal Power Industry EI Datum

airport planning environmental impact assessment

Adaptability of Eco-Measures in Highway Construction

Traffic Noise Modeling in China’s NoiseImpactAssessment

the survey of EIA effectiveness

Climate change and impact assessment The North meets The South

the Effect of SEA on Emission Reduction

Greenhouse gases in environmental impact assessment

Greenhouse gases in environmental impact assessment: practical guidance

Ensuring Safe Water for the Future: Lesssons from US

Climate change and Arctic tourism in Svalbard

Climatic variability and ecosystem change: coping and adaptation options

CC adaptation - A community-based approach

Impact of climate change on environment, Aibi Lake Basi

Climate Change Impacts on WatSan in Pakistan

Environmental Health Management in Evacuated Shelter: L

Impact of climate change on environment,Aibi Lake Basin

Closing gaps for EIA in the next generation: Sharing biodiversity data

Biodiversity in IA: Ethical issue or shot in the dark?

Advancing our Collective Understanding of Caribou

Biodiversity data from EIA’s - a tale from the Amazon

Communication between IA practitioners and decision makers

Success Factors in the Client-Consultant Relationship

Why decision makers don’t take SIA seriously?

Role of EIA Practitioners: Challenges and Solutions

Bridging Knowledge to Action in Impact Assessment

Effective Stakeholder Engagement in Wind Energy Project

Cart before the Clydesdale: EIA and Feasibility Studies

Communication with stakeholders and general public - from state of the art to innovation

Stakeholder involvement for radioactive decontamination

Integrated approach to refine stakeholder analysis

public participation in EIA reports in Nigeria

Community responses to the next generation of energy technologies

Impact of Health Impact Assessment (HIA) - success in a political process

Factors influencing conflict occurrence over wind farm

Factors influencing occurrence of environmental conflict over wind farm projects in Japan

Biomass Energy and Community Concerns on Kangaroo ISLND

Adverse Impacts of Alberta’s Intensive Energy Productio

Coal seam gas development in Queensland, Australia

Perception and annoyance due to coastal wind turbines

Socio-environmental impacts of wind power in Mexico

Socio-Economic Assessment of bioenergy projects.

Consultation with Indigenous Peoples and FPIC in Impact Assessment

Indigenous Consultation and participation in Chilean IA

A false choice? Participation or protest

Country experiences with oil industries and impact assessments

Learned lessons in SEA: the Orinoco oil belt (Venezuela

Economic displacement: A case study of Uganda

The public, EIAs and the Oil Industry in Nigeria

Oil & Gas exploration in National Park and EIA

Crisis, what crisis? Decision-makers and climate change adaptation.

Climate change adaptation in St. Petersburg

Practical Adaptation for Rural Infrastructure Projects

CSR in a globalising world: the role of civil society in shaping its future

Essential Alignment: CSR and SIA

Challenges and Opportunities of CSR in Emerging Markets

CSR in the context of poverty and inequality

ISO 26000 SR on mining impact assesment to LA Churches

Cultural resources as a component of SEA

Culture ecosystem service by subjective value study

How culture, power and politics shape SEA

Designing and Implementing Strategies for a Biodiversity Action Plan

Mitigation Hierarchy for Biodiversity Conservation

EIA - success and failures

The improvement of Porto Sul project through EIA

ESIA: a tool in participatory decision making


Acid Rain Arising in Liaoning Province (China)


ESIA in Countries with Limited Regulation - Case of DRC

Impacts and Influence of the Timber Class Environmental

The EIA was a success but the project is failing

Socio-economic Impacts of Military Induced Growth on th

The role of EIA for project sustainability

Emerging good practices in responsible oil and gas operations


N-Solv BEST Process in Oil Sands Extraction

Responsible local content practice in oil and gas

Biorestoration of Andean Wetlands in Peru Gas Pipeline

Environmentally Friendly Drilling (EFD) Scorecard

Participatory Social and Environmental Monitoring

Employee engagement in Brazilian oil & gas sector

Engaging aboriginal communities in impact assessment and mitigation

Meaningfully Integrating TEK and TLU Information into a

Responding to Aboriginal Elders' Visions

Culturally relevant cumulative effects assessments

A community-led approach for landscape planning

Importance of Culture in IA Methods

First Nation involvement in oil sands impact assessment

Environmental Baseline Data in the IA Process - What is Appropriate?

A Morphological Analysis of Green Infrastructure

Sampling in a challenging marine environment

Empirical EIA with long-term wildlife monitoring.

Baseline Studies in the IA– Form and Function

Environmental Monitoring in the Oil Sands and Impact Assessment: aquatics environmental monitoring

Holistic monitoring using aquatic bioindicators

Wetland Monitoring-Confirming Predicted Project Impacts

Environmental Monitoring in the Oil Sands and Impact Assessment: Terrestria

Monitoring Species at Risk – Dealing with Detectability

Mitigating Oil Sands Impacts on Boreal Caribou

Equal Access to Information and the Role of EA Registries

Equal access to information - Role of EA registries

Equal access to EA Information

Developing a EIA Database

Evolving Standards for EA: The Consultant’s Perspective

Natural Habitat Policies of Multilateral and Bilateral

Can we have Global Standard on Env & Social Governance?

Archaeological Risk Management & Performance Standard 8

Safeguards for Countries involved in Carbon Financing

Clarifying Environmental and Social Safeguards for Countries Involved in Carbon Financing

The Emerging Role of Country Safeguard Systems in EA

Best Practice Stakeholder Engagement begins at Day 1

Mind The Gaps: Lessons Learned in Acting as IESC

LCA & Construction: Actual application and perspectives

Applying IFC standards on climate change risk analysis

Applying IFC standards on climate change risk analysis

The Evolution of Sustainable Finance – What’s Next?

Experiences with different types of SEA: from legislation to big projects

biodiversity impact assessment for mining plan

Sustainability indicators: planning ethanol by SEA

Use of EA by the Canadian Offshore Petroleum Boards

SEA for Sustainability in Afghanistan’s Mineral Develop

Possible SEA Adoption and Application by Corporations

SEA for Master Plan Studies: JICA's Experiences

SEA for Master Plan Studies

Tandem policy SEA and PSIA Pakistan freight transport

SEA: endogen process or control procedure?

Lessons from SEA experience in Australia

A comparative study of the SEA system in Brazil

SEA experiences in the Mexican electricity sector

SEA issues in Portuguese and Scottish small islands

Following up IA Follow-up: The next generation?

EA policy & practice in Uganda-implications for landuse

Towards state-of-the-art IA follow-up


Beyond Assessment: Managing EA Commitments

Environmental Monitoring and Compliance Methodology emp

From EA to Impact and Benefit Agreements: Private Governance and Consent

IBAs as Private Governance Schemes:Assessing Legitimacy

Anishanaabe Maamwaye Aki Kiigayewin

IBAs as Environmental Management Regimes

Governing Geoengineering through Environmental Assessment

Social, Political, and Ethical Issues Related to Geoeng

The International Regulation of Ocean Fertilization Act

EA and Geoengineering: The International Legal Framewor

Applying Traditional IA to Geoengingineering Resea

Guidelines and tools for integrating climate change in impact assessment

Climate change in EIA – Inspiration from practice

Carbon Market Mechanisms: Oil and Gas Sector

Scenario analysis for mitigating climate change impacts

Factoring in Climatic Extremes into EIAs

comparative study of inundation vulnerability

Harmonizing upward: next generation EA for overlapping jurisdictions

Reforming Environmental Law in Australia

Harmonizing upward: more advanced and more strategic

Harmonising donor and partner IA systems for SD

Harmonizing European IA systems towards sustainability

Harmonizing Upward under CEAA 2012: Provincial Role

Highway Mitigation: new insights for practitioners

The Cost Dimensions of Highway Wildlife Mitigation

Highway Wilding: a documentary film

Planning Wildlife Crossings in Canada's Mountain Parks

Planning Wildlife Crossings in Canada's Mountain Parks

Improving EIA for roads at the landscape scale

Banff highway mitigation: 30 years of learning

How am I supposed to do this? Methods to address ecosystem services in ESIA

The Ecosystem Services Review for Impact Assessment

The Ecosystem Services Review for Impact Assessment

Many tools make light work

How are Aboriginal Values and Traditional Knowledge Reflected in EIA?

Utilizing Indigenous Research Methodologies in EIAs

The TK/IQ Panel, EMAB and Diavik

Indigenous Eco-Knowledge for Natural resources Mgmt

Application of traditional coastal knowledge to EIA.

African ghost stories and the oral heritage museum

HIA: a tool to express Native American values in IA

TK, Co-Management and IAs in the Sahtu Region, NWT

Hydropower projects: Tumultuous journey or a peaceful march from approval

Methodology to calculate environmental flow in SEIA

An IA peaceful march to Amazon - is it possible?

Environmental performance indicators of big dams

Natural Habitats in Hydroelectric Projects

Analyzing Hydropower Follow Up Processes in Brazil


Compliance monitoring: The Indian experience

What Are Reasonable Practice Standards for CEA in IA?

IA for integrated resources management in a climate-stressed world

IA for climate-proofing development:what kind of change

Climate Change Impact on Water Resources: Need Assessm

LCA of Novel Bio-products Processing and Production

Impact Assessment and Indigenous Peoples in Extractive Industries

Cape York Aboriginal Led Mining Projects

Indigenous peoples and SIA in Brazil: An overview

Impact Assessment Innovation and success

EIA Smack Down: Comparing California and EU Approaches

Cumulative Constaints-based Planning for Oil Sands

Multiple EIAs and Management for a Strategic Rail Link

SEA Implementation Mechanisms and Future Tools


Developing practices for supporting EIA with MCDA

Developing practices for supporting EIA with Multi-Criteria Decision Analysis (MCDA)

Adding LIDAR to the GIS toolbox for a BC Parks Full EIA

The role of construction labour monitoring in protectin

Importance of construction labour monitoring as SIA mitigation

Standards-based Impact Assessment

Quick Tour of a Major EIA/SIA in Armenia

Dave Burack's Essentials of Large-Scale E/SIA

Sustainability Assessments: New Regulatory Governance

Impact of Dams on communities; lessons learnt and the future role of SIA

Impact of Dam on Social Structure and Environment

Incorporating ecosystem services in ESIA: practices, challenges and opportunities

Reviewing the Devastated Ecosystem Services of Chotiari

Portuguese spatial planners view on ecosystem services

Revisiting a new EIS mine using ecosystem services

Potential Benefits and Challenges of Incorporating ES

Indigenous peoples and CSR in the mining and extractive sectors

Planning to Get it Right: CSR & Indigenous Peoples

Rethinking indigenous participation in Peru

CSR and EIA developments in Sweden's mining sector

Innovative modeling tools for sustainable energy policy assessment

Assessing GHG issues in Canadian energy policies

Spatial Information Technology in EIA: An Introduction

Synergy of EIA, LCA, LCCA and Energy Atlas

TIMED Approach for Energy Sustainable Development

Integrating health in impact assessments: opportunities not to be missed

The consideration of health in SEA

Integrating Health Impact Assessment (HIA) with other I

Strengthening health in SEA – where is the gap?

Health in social impact assessment

Health in sustainability assessment

Health in EIA in the Nordic and Baltic countries

International Finance Insitutions: Emerging ESIA standards and practices

What is unique about assessing human rights impacts?

IFC Performance Standards and Human Rights

ECA Perspectives on Social Risks and Human Rights Due D

It's all in the mix: The lost art of integration

Strategic social assessment for catchment planning

Interaction among impacts as a desirable analysis in IA

A project management approach to integration in IA

Maximizing linkages for Sustainable Assessment

What about assessing impact on ecosystem services?

The Art of Integration in ESIA

Understanding CBA: overcoming dilemmas in IA

Local action for IA: Governance and the next generation of decision makers

Urban Transformation in Adana City of Turkey

Embedding SIA in policy making in Flanders-Belgium

Urban heat stress - origins and strategies

Mine Planning and Environmental Assessment

Community Participation and Influence in an Arctic EA

HHRA: Quantifying risks of a proposed REM Mine

End in Mind: Decision-scoping in mining EAs

Environmental assessment of longwall coal mining

Managing key impacts of large-scale mining in Ghana

Fly-in/Fly-out mining arrangements and regional develop

Determination of Radon Dispersion in Uranium Mining

Planning to conserve rare fishes within bauxite mines

EIA for mining exploration in Mexico

Modern Interdisciplinary Approaches for ESHIA in the Arctic

Assessing cooperation in Arctic tourism on Svalbard

Applying Interdisciplinary ESHIA in the Arctic

New Models for Capacity Building in Environmental Impact Assessment

Technical Review of EIAs: An Aboriginal Framework

Governance and EA Capacity Building in Canada's Arctic

Next Generation IA: Tiering of IA and Planning

Towards a Next Generation IA: Careful Tiering of IA and

Multiproject integrated EIA: Brazil offshore case

The long road to shorter planning and improving EIA

The long road to shorter planning and improving EIA: a reality check

How will necessity drive innovation?

Tiering in the Brazilian ethanol planning

Operationalizing an IA: Follow up and implementation challenges


Completing Mitigation at US Customs Land Ports of Entry

Performance of EIA in Ghana

EIA Case Study of implementing mitigation measure in HK

Orphans Re-Generating Impact Assessment

Reinventing screening – SEA screening in Sweden

Orphans Re-Generating Impact Assessment – An Introducti

Thresholds (an orphan on the doorstep?)


Canada's Federal EA Legislation vs. A Model EA Law

Bayesian Networks to support SEA

Streamlining Environmental Assessment in Development Pr

The what, when, where and why essential for an EIA

EA and Environmental-Friendly Shallow Geothermal Energy

Study on biodiversity measuring method for Japanese for

How to misuse the EIA-tool – a Swedish example

Policy Integration between EA and Disaster Management

Recent practical and legal changes on Chilean IA System

Ship Breaking for Sustainable Livelihood and Economy

Predicting CEAA's performance and impact


Health within EIA in the UK and India

Prevent&Control Rural Environmental Pollution by EIA

Pollution Prevention and Control in Rural Areas of China through EIA

Life Cycle assessment Coal fired Electricity generation

SSA & Strategic Sustainability Planning

Necessity of Concise IA for Sustainable Japan

Assessment Method of transport Environmental safety

The "single window" mechanism in the Chilean EIA

Reducing environmental conflict with suit case analysis

A Critical Appraisal of Environmental Regulations

Egyptian Water Management Overview

Approaches to teaching IAin AustralianUniversities


Brazilian Oil & Gas EIA: Old Habits and New Guidelines

Developing an EIA Curriculum for Pakistani Universities

Health in SEA


Theoretical contributions to local procurement practice

Wind comfort zone evaluation at high-rise building area

Integrating EMS to improve sustainable development

Determining effectiveness in heritage impact assessment

Developing a "best practice" SIA process

Challenges to Chinese Oil Companies Investing in Canada

Estimation on Electric Savings after Nuclear Disaster

EA of the industry sector in Spain

Sensitivity Analysis of Thermal Equilibrium Parameters

Impact Analysis Methods for Offshore E&P Activitivies

Coordination Mechanisms for EIA in Pakistan

Natural Non-point Source Management using LID

Study on pollutants' reduction methods on Dam road

Significant Changes to the Canadian EA Process

Comparison of odour IA from different landfills in Asia

Partnerships over the Project Lifecycle: The Next Generation for IA

Partnering and IA – best practice principles

Public Participation in IA follow-up

EIA Implementation during Construction of CWB

EIA Implementation during the Constructon of the Central-Wan Chai Bypass

Community Engagement in Canada’s Arctic

Community Engagement in Canada's Arctic

Public participation and big projects in remote places

Public Participation, Value Conflict, and the Politics of Impact Assessment

EIA substitution: experiences of public participants

Politics and institutions in mining EIS approvals

Hypocrisy in Impact Assessment

Amplifying vocal minority views in Public Participation

Ethics and Sociocultural Impact Assessment

Positive changes after the Great East Japan Earthquake

Reclaiming Balance when Economics Dominate


The Canadian EA Act 2012 and Public Participation

Public participation within the oil exploration sector

Analysis and Countermeasures of the Public Group Events

Regional and Ecosystem-Based Approaches in CEAM: A Next Generation Approach

Cumulative Effects Assessment: Are We There Yet?

Decision-making for Navigation and Sustainability

Status of CEAM Practice in the United States

Management of CEs on Fish Habitat and Productivity

South Athabasca Oil Sands Regional Strategic Assessment

Comprehensive Ecosystem-Based Fisheries Management

Requisites for regional CEAM

Sharpening CEAM Tools and Methods

Successful Agency CEAM Guidance: A Case Study

Analytical Frameworks for Addressing CEAM in Water Reso

Bee Colony Habitat and Foraging as an Indicator

Continuous Scoping for Large-Scale CEAM Studies

IFC good practice for CIA and anagement in emerging mar

CEAM for Endangered Species – The Sonoran Pronghorn

Addressing VEC-Related Sustainability in CEAM

Scenario Analysis in Cumulative Impact Assessment

Watershed-Related Changes and Cumulative Effects

Cumulative Effects Assessment and Species at Risk

Key Court Cases Related to CEAM within Impact Studies

Key Court Cases Related to CEAM within Impact Studies (United States)

Cumulative Effects Assessment - Ireland's Experience

Linear Project Mitigation Framework for CEAM

CEAM and Fish and Wildlife Coordination Act

Cumulative Effects Assessment (CEA) in British Columbia

Taming the Tempest: Regional Management of Oil Sands

CEAM as an Organizing Principle for EIA Documents

Climate Change Considerations–Illustrations from EISs

Addressing Future Actions in CEAM Studies

Scoping: Are We Getting it Right?

Scoping meeting of revised EIA Law in Japan

Improving effectiveness of EIA by a MCDA approach

A pathway for future development and empirical examinat

Scoping under New Federal EA Regime in Canada

IFC vs local standards - lessons learned from frontier

Criteria for Effective EA, a Delphi Study

Public Scoping :The meaningful beginning of EHIA

VEC Selection for CEA: Beyond Residual Impact Analysis

Citizen science: new ways for HIA

ERA: Methodological Framework for Focused EA

Scoping in developing IA legal frameworks

An online EIA screening and scoping system

EA Report Quality in Canada:Issues and Suggestions

SIA and CSR in the mining and energy sectors: A merging of generations?

SIA and CSR for management of stakeholders expectations

Industrial benfits planning: a bridge between SIA & CSR

Socio-environmental impacts of Mining in Chile

Can we predict with tourist opinions? Assessing the imp

SIA: Pushing the Boundaries of Conventional Assessment

How IA could improve CSR in Mexico's mining sector

Great Expectations or Balancing Expectations?

Social Impact Assessment is in progress: Queensland

How rural communities experience new mining sites in Fi

Towards meaningful cohesiveness: Bridging CSR and SIA

Social Impacts of Mining in the Chatkal Valley

Mainstreaming Environmental and Social Aspects in Pipel

Beyond CSR: A standards-based approach

Significance: How and Why is it Determined?

EIA-screening reform for Europe

Relying on Law and Regulation to Establish Significance

Considering Uncertainty and Risk in Significance

Confidence, Uncertainty, and Risk in Environmental Assessment

Deliberative approach to impact significance assessment

Was there an impact?

Social Licence to Operate: The next generation of measuring and monitoring

A Strategic Approach to Early Stakeholder Engagement

What the social license is and isn’t

The Link between Cognitive Legitimacy SLO

Towards an empirical model of social licence

A case study of The Upper Hunter Mining Dialogue

The limits of using perceptions of the operator to meas

SIA - a tool to obtain the social license to operate

Earning a social licence amidst complexity

Assessing the SLO of non-profit organizations

Tracking Well-Being in Northern Ontario's Ring of Fire

Fracking in Alberta and Implications for Aotearoa NZ

Social Media and Public Participation in IA

Social media and environmental protection: A case stud

Interactive Digital Media apps in Impact Assessment

Gamification of Environmental Impacts in Digitial Media

Q-cumber: The Environmental-Social Network for IA

Socio-environmental Risk in EIAs

The Role of Risk Assessment in Resource Related ESIA

Risk assessment simulation of the toxicological impacts

The Value of Early Stage Engagement and Risk Management

Socio-Economic Impact Studies and Risk Management

Limitations of risk assessment for pipelines in Brazil

Strategic environmental assessment and climate change

Climate Change, Environmental Disasters & Povery Nexus

Environmental performances of 2012 Yeosu World Expo

SEA, Climate Change and Hydropower for Sustainability

SEA, Climate Change & Hydropower for Sustainability

EA for Climate Change: New scope, new challenges a

Impact Assessment of Nigeria’s 2012 flood disasaster...

Challenges to Integrate CC Considerations in EIA

Strategic Spatial Planning and SEA In Turkey

Strategic EIA of a Thermal Power Complex, Vietnam

Intergrated low carbon development into SEA process

Strategic marine assessments

The Determining Effects of Land Use on Coastal Area: th

SEA and Marine Planning in Scotland

Development in Coastal Areas: The Beibu Gulf

Streamlining EIAs and the Approval Process - How far do we go?

It’s not the End of EA in Canada!

Reducing green tape or rolling back IA in Australia

EA and economic crisis: opportunity for change in Spain

Environmental Assessment in Alberta

EA in Canada: Out of the Frying Pan, into the Fire

EA in Canada: Out of the Frying Pan, Into the Fire

Unresolved harmony in resource extraction EA

Canadian fisheries legislative changes and impact to IA

Streamlining EIA Procedure for Power Plant Replacement

Future of EIA: Proposal for a Revised EU EIA Directive

Survival in a Changing World: Experience in Assessing Climate Risk

Challenges of Climate Risk Assessment in Central Asia

Working Around the Challenges: Climate Risk Impact Assessment in Central Asia
Territorial Impact Assessment - A Tool To Support Territorial Cohesion

Ecosystem and Nature Map and Public Appeal

The application of FPIC: current practice, future trends

Status of FPIC for better extractive sector projects

Human rights, Indigenous peoples and the FPIC principle

IA Practice and FPIC: Irreconcilable conflict?

Emerging experiences of the application of FPIC within

The Contribution of New Technologies in Cultural Heritage Studies for IA

Discussion: New Technologies and Cultural Heritage

Robust Methods in Cultural Resource Identification

Historic Urban Landscapes: an Assessment Framework

LiDAR at Caracol, Belize and Heritage Management

Opportunities from hindrances

The emerging role of indigenous peoples in impact assessment

Roles of Indigenous Peoples: The Mackenzie Valley Story

Emerging Roles of Indigenous Peoples: The Yukon Story

A First Nation's perspective on the Yukon YESAA regime

Native decision makers in Project Approval

The expanded FAO definition of agriculture and its new relevance to ESIA

EIA: A Tool for Global Food Security?

Sustainable development in fisheries of Nigeria

The science and art of international HIA practice: examples from industry

HIA as part of ESHIA in development projects

Emerginging Infectious Diseases and Impact Assessments

HIA Practice for Oil & Gas: Developed to Remote Regions

HIA in Alaska: The Importance of Local Culture

The Mobile Resource Worker Well-Being Assessment Tool

Fair? Avoidable? Policy focussed HIA & equity

A framework for cumulative effects in HIA

A framework for cumulative effects in HIA
The science and art of international HIA practice: old issues and new applications (Health III)

'Moving the goal posts':HIA in Waste Planning in Wales

Moving the Goal Posts: HIA in Waste Planning in Wales

Use of Quantitative Risk Assessment in HIAs

Health Impact Assessment: A triumph over common sense?

Developing frameworks for analysing health impacts

Beyond the technical: influences on HIA practice

The science and art of international HIA practice: reflecting the range of HIA Practitioners (Health II)

European experiences with health in Impact Assessments

Health Impact Assessment in Nigeria: The time has come

Ethics of HIA

Challenges of HIA in a Yukon mining community

HIA for UK Geological Disposal of Radioactive Wastes

HIA for UK Geological Disposal of Radiaoctive Wastes
To be or not to be? Alternatives analysis in impact assessment - Session I

Where did requirements for alternatives in EIA go?

Alternative analysis: Key to effective & efficient IAs?

What is the Future for Alternatives Evaluation?

Tools to Predict Impacts of Economic Development Projects on Biodiversity

New Approach to Assess Cumulative Effects on Biodiversi

Conservation Class of Vegetation in Impact Assessment


Trends in human rights impact assessment in a post-Ruggie world

Integration of Human Rights into Impact Assessment

Facing the HRIA future together

Too early for human rights assessment typologies?

Implications of the human rights discourse for IA

Using SWAP to connect water, human rightsandmining

Principles for Conducting HRIAs

Understanding and Managing Cumulative Impacts in Resource Regions

Assessment of freshwater dam within a mining catchment

Assessing Cumulative Effects in Northern Canada

Household Analysis for Understanding Social Changes

Cumulative effects of water environment of cascade hydr

Cultivating collaboration to address cumulative impacts

Linking EIA to CIAM

Nacala Bay: Made for an SEA

Closing Gaps: Cumulative Models and Adaptive Management

EIS and cumulative impacts of sugarcane industry

Understanding Cumulative Impacts of ASGM in Ecuador

Use and Abuse of Adaptive Management in Impact Assessment- Where to Next?

LinkingEA to EnvironmentalRegulation thru Adaptive Mgmt

EIA uncertainty–Barn Owl and bat studies, BC, Canada

Adaptive management and wind energy development

Using ecological analysis to assess impacts on rights of indigenous peoples

Aboriginal Consultation and Cumulative Effects

Climate Chage:Mexico's Biodiversity & indigenous rights

Ecological Recovery: Restoring Mauri to pre Rena State

Using health Impact Assessment to achieve sustainable goals

Importance of team work for HSP´s implementation

Mining, Health and Sustainability in British Columbia

UHI Impact Assessment at High-rise Building Area

HIA of Social Media Technology Policies and Practices

Using SEA for Effective Development Planning

Iran: SEA and Development Planning

Analysis of the application of SEA in transport plans


NIGERIA: The Next Generation Environmental Assessment

SEA of a regional transmission development - Mozambique

SEA process of sustainable island tourism development

Policy SEA on the Greening of Pakistan Industrial Devel

A research on transport planning SEA based on SD-ECC

Lost Assessment Integration in Maptaput City Planning

SEA and Pakistan - An Experience Worth Replicating

Assessing cumulative impacts: An emerging frac'ing play

Paradigm change from EIA to SEA in developing countries

Utopian goals or effective tools? Public and stakeholder engagement in SEA

IA:Green wash oropportunityformeaningful outcomes?

Public participation and learning in SEA in Kenya

Public perspectives and learning from a SEA case study

Public involvement in spatial planning through SEA

Participatory SEA: what doesn't work and what's needed

Papuan Indigenous Participation in the Indonesian EIA

Voluntary SIA: Ideas and insights from beyond the regulatory context

Dr Bill Kruse

Michele Fulcher (invited)

Professor Richard Howitt

Ian Bryson (Invited)

What gets measured gets managed: applications of impact assessment for corporate responsibility

Leveraging IA in Community Investment Planning

Supply Chain Management as part of CR and IA activities

Health as measurable and effective component of CSR

When things go sideways: understanding emotion, opposition and outrage

psycho-traumatic analysis of displaced and native......

Who has the right to define cultural heritage values in impact assessments?

Assessing Amsterdam’s heritage management framework

Sharing cultural heritage: A mission impossible?

Monitoring cultural significance and impact assessments

Cultural heritage and the local museums - two examples

Heritage Value and CHIA: The Hong Kong Experience

The right to an indigenous past

Construction pipeline challenges in the Incas´s earth

Definition of cultural heritage values in IAs

Doing Credible Cultural Assessment

Mission impossible? Sharing cultural heritage values