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Impact assessment in the digital era

DATES: 20-23 April 2015
VENUE: Firenze Fiera Congress & Exhibition Center, Piazza Adua 1, 50123 Florence
LOCATION: Florence, Italy

New technologies are influencing all aspects of our societies, and they play a pivotal role in promoting impact assessment and sustainability worldwide. The conference aims to advance a multidisciplinary discussion on the challenges and opportunities associated with the use of new digital technologies for promoting sustainability. Could smart cities and digital technologies be an opportunity for ecosystems and social resilience? How can big data strategies and Online social participation improve sustainability? How do we face emerging social responsibility awareness of planning effects on health and sustainability of our future?

The main topics of IAIA15 include:

  • E-Governance/big data challenges and impact assessment
  • Exploring opportunities and risks of a globally-connected society
  • Urbanization and smart cities
  • How stakeholder consultation is changing through new social participation
  • New technology’s role in modeling and visualizing societal changes associated with major projects
  • How communication technology is changing the role of experts and non-experts
  • How instant availability of information is influencing impact assessment
  • New tools for risk assessors, corporations and city managers
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