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Everyone is involved in the global project of Sustainability.

Creating the best conditions for our future is a worldwide challenge. Digital technologies are deeply changing the perception of the world around us, and it is very difficult for those who have the responsibility of strategic choices not to consider this new mainframe. Impact assessment is based on understanding how the world around us might change after our choices, so it requires science, knowledge and a wide vision. The worldwide crisis is the effect of a structural change from old economic and social paradigms that requires new governance approaches based on transparency, collaboration and social responsibility.

Do we really think it will be enough to improve the efficiency of new products and processes to enforce environmental and social sustainability? Introducing new rules and limits without increasing cultural awareness of the advantages of sustainability for everyone and everyday life will make it difficult to convince the more than 7 billion people on the planet to adopt more responsible choices. Availability of data and information deriving from global digital connections will play a crucial role in sharing best practices and will involve institutions, companies, and people in collaborative promotion of social responsibility.

The mission of the 35th Annual IAIA Conference, "Impact Assessment in the Digital Era," is to explore emerging governance strategies in an international context for collaborative inter-institutional and social promotion of Sustainability in our countries, in our cities, in our neighborhoods.

I invite everyone to IAIA15 in Florence, a historical event in a historical city, to plan our future inspired by the amazing revolutionary birthplace of the Renaissance.

Giuseppe Magro
IAIA15 Program Chair



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