Why Attend Our Conference?


Is this your 1st, 5th, or 35th IAIA conference?

What an opportunity! Where else can you gather to hear perspectives in impact assessment from 80+ nations—all in one place?

Be prepared for some out-of-the-box thinking, applying solutions developed across the world to your little corner of it. Because impact assessment is such a dynamic field, you are sure to learn something new every year.


Who participates in IAIA conferences?

One of the strengths of IAIA conferences is its diversity in participants from different sectors.  IAIA conferences draw people from consultancies, government, inter-governmental organizations, industry, universities, research institutes, donor agencies, development banks, and NGOs.



How will YOU benefit?

•  Networking:  expand and maintain contacts with your peers, clients, and those who conduct, evaluate and require impact assessments.
•  Education:  explore current best practice principles, recent tools and techniques.
•  Options:  choose from numerous and diverse training courses, theme forums, technical visits, and over 90 sessions ranging from interdisciplinary approaches to topic-specific workshops.
•  Inspiration:  attend and participate in stimulating and thought-provoking discussions. 
•  Innovation:  learn about cutting-edge IA theory and practice from around the world.
•  Dissemination:  present your work and receive international feedback.
  Enjoyment:  participate in one or more of many social events in a unique and beautiful city.


Why are IAIA conferences special?

•  IAIA is the only international, interdisciplinary conference dedicated to the art and science of impact assessment ... the only one.
•  Exclusive mix of high-level speakers representing many areas of expertise and interest.
•  A very participatory conference:  numerous in-depth workshops, roundtables, Q&A sessions, forums, and concurrent sessions mean you can participate actively and present your work and ideas.
•  Access to training, papers, publications, tools, techniques, and case studies.


Ongoing benefits 
If you pay the non-member conference rate, you automatically receive one year of IAIA membership. What does that incluude?




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