IAIA21 Update


Dear IAIA members and friends

I am here today to tell you that IAIA21 will not be convened in person in Seville new year, but rather will be held as a full virtual event.  This difficult decision was taken by the Board of Directors, IAIA21 organizers, and staff after careful consideration of the myriad of factors surrounding uncertainties created by the COVID pandemic. The health and safety of our attendees is still our highest priority. Our Spanish affiliate will be making a similar announcement and releasing information about their annual meeting in coming weeks.

Although we are disappointed to not be meeting in Seville, as we had previously hoped, we are excited for the new opportunities and accessibility that a virtual event offers. We are currently sourcing an online platform with the goal of giving our IAIA21 attendees an unparalleled conference experience and high levels of engagement with other participants. Look for more details on the platform and our conference rates in early December. We know some of you rolled over your IAIA20 registrations to IAIA21, and we will be reaching out to you regarding options at that time.

I would also like to reassure you, that thanks to financial foresight years ago, to build a reserve for times such as these, and the wise budgeting by our current Board, IAIA remains financially strong and resilient, and ready to support you with our usual resources throughout the next year. At the same time, we will be using the 2021 calendar year as a time of growth for IAIA - an opportunity to develop several new products and services to assist you even better.

More information will be forthcoming as planning progresses for a virtual annual conference. In the meantime, your feedback and suggestions are welcome (david@iaia.org). 

Until we meet again, via electrons at IAIA21 and in person at IAIA22 in Vancouver, best wishes.

David Bancroft
IAIA Executive Director




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