Special Symposium on Climate Change and Impact Assessment

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Symposium Report

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Opening & Keynote

Presentation Presenter Abstract
(i) Organizers' Welcome and Remarks & Housekeeping Will Knowland Playlist
(ii) Host's Welcome and Introduction of Keynote Speaker Stephen Lintner
(iii) Keynote: The State of Climate Science, The Role of Impact Assessment Robert Watson


Plenary I Impact Assessment and Climate Change: What Can We Learn from Each Other?

Presentation Presenter Abstract
Part 1: Aalborg in Brief - Telecast Report on the October Meeting Lone Kørnøv & Martin Lehmann Playlist
Part 2: Panel on Climate Change and Impact Assessment Chair:Courtney Lowrance
Michael Gerrard Abstract
Courtney Lowrance Abstract
Peter Croal


Concurrent Session I

Presentation Presenter Abstract
A.) Multilateral Development Banks: Emerging Standards and New Guidance for EIA Chair: Elizabeth Brito Playlist
Strategic Implications of Climate Change for Institutional Investors Alan Miller Abstract
European Investment Bank (EIB) Eva Maria Mayerhofer
MDBs: Emerging Standards and New Guidance for EIA Michele de Nevers /Fernando Loayza
European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) Alistair Clark
Asian Development Bank (ADB) Nessim Ahmad / Vijay Joshi
Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) Janine Ferretti
B.) OECD DAC Panel on Strategic Environmental Assessment and Climate Change Chair:Peter Croal
Co-Chair: Barry Dalal-Clayton
Climate Change and Adaptation Mainstreaming Jess Ayers Abstract
The Aalborg Lessons: Available Guidance and Practice in Using SEA for Climate Issues in Developing Countries Rob Verheem
Climate Change Policy Making and SEA in Indonesia Tomonori Sudo Abstract
Adaptation Tools in an SEA in Mali Bernhard Frey Abstract
SEA, Disaster Risk Management and Climate Change in Malawi Peter Nelson Abstract
C.) Tools, Methods and Information Resources (Part 1) Chair: Josefina Doumbia Playlist
Addressing Climate Change Uncertainties in Project EIA Phil Byer Abstract
Climate Change and Ecosystem Services Evan Girvetz Abstract
Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Jon Harrison Abstract
World Bank Group Climate Change Portal Fernanda Zermoglio Abstract
Ana Bucher
Vladimir Stenek
Challenge of Low Carbon Development: Lessons from a Recent Evaluation Kenneth Chomitz Abstract


Concurrent Sessions II

Presentation Presenter Abstract
A.) National Governments: Climate Change and EIA - North America Chair: Michael Gerrard Playlist
US Climate Change and National Environmental Policy Act Michael Smith
Canada Climate Change and Environmental Assessment Dean Stinson O'Gorman Abstract
Proposed Climate Change Law in Mexico Luis Vera Abstract
B.) Insuring Against Climate Change Chair: Rowan Douglas Playlist
Insuring Against Climate Debra Ballen Abstract
Climate Risk and Opportunity: An Insurer’s Perspective Lindene E. Patton
Insuring Against Climate Change Francis Ghesquiere
Impact of Climatic Events – Avoidance and Mitigation Chris Johnson Abstract
Identifying and Mitigating the Risks Associated with Climate Change Rick Hawkinberry
C.) Tools, Methods, Information Resources Part 2 Chair: Richenda Connell Playlist
EIA of Coal-Fired Power Plants Emmanuel Boulet Abstract
EIA of Low-Income Housing Sector in Mexico Tobias Contreras Abstract
Environmental Flows in Water Resources Policies, Plans and Projects Rafik Hirji Abstract
Climate Risks and Adaptation in Asian Coastal Mega-Cities Poonam Pillai Abstract


First Day Summary and Review

Presentation Presenter Abstract
Chair: Andrew Steer Playlist


Plenary II: EIA, Climate Change, and the Private Sector

Presentation Presenter Abstract
Chair: Craig Davies Playlist
The Human Response to Climate Change: Reflections on the Big Picture Ralph Torrie Abstract
Hydro-Québec's Experience in Adapting to Climate Change Ralph Silver Abstract
MacKenzie Valley Gas Pipeline - Sustainability Assessment Steven Hazell Abstract
Climate Change Adaptation Decisions in the Private Sector - The Role of EIA Richenda Connell Abstract


Concurrent Sessions III

Presentation Presenter Abstract
A.) National Governments: Climate Change and EIA - Beyond North America Chair: Ronald Hoffer Playlist
Incorporating Climate Change Impacts and Adaptation in EIA: Opportunities and Challenges Shardul Agrawala Abstract
Planning for climate change in water supply and flooding in the UK Glenn Watts Abstract
Climate change & EIA in The Netherlands Rob Verheem Abstract
Incorporating climate change considerations into the agriculture sector in Australia Simon Smalley
Abstract Kenneth Markowitz
B.) EIA as an Input to Climate Change Adaptation Planning Chair: Joe Foti Playlist
National Policy Frameworks on Adaptation: A Survey Joe Foti Abstract
Participatory Climate Vulnerability Assessment John Furlow Abstract
Practical Measures for Adapting Infrastructure to Climate Impacts Cameron Ells Abstract
Adaptation of Sea Level Rise to Coastal Urban Planning in Australia Garry Middle Abstract
C.) Disaster Management, Rapid Environmental Assessment Response and Climate Change Chair: Charles Kelly Playlist
Impact of Climate Variability and Change on Vulnerable Populations Erika Clesceri Abstract
WWF Experience on Disaster Management and Climate Change Jonathan Randall Abstract


Concurrent Sessions IV

Presentation Presenter Abstract
A.) Bilateral Donors: New Guidance for EIAs Chair: Michael Smith Playlist
Overseas Private Investment Corporation: Greenhouse Gas Policy Diane Brown Abstract
Export-Import Bank: New Requirements for High Carbon Intensity Projects Stephen Parsons Abstract
Millennium Challenge Corporation: Challenges and Opportunities Ben Campbell Abstract
B.) Special Topics in EIA and Climate Change Decision-Making Chair: Ben Cave Playlist
Health Impact Assessment in Climate Change Decision-Making James Berner/Elizabeth Gordon Abstract
Assessing Displacement/Resettlement due to Climate Change Adaptation Projects Alex de Sherbinin Abstract
Biodiversity Assessment and Climate Change Nick King Abstract
C.) SEA and Cumulative Impacts: Case Studies Chair: Fernando Loayza Playlist
Cumulative Impact Assessment Norval Collins Abstract
SEA Approaches in the Envirionmental Sustainability and Climate Change Program: Case of the State of Michoacan, Mexico Ann J. Glauber Abstract
Climate Change and Country Environmental Analaysis: Case of Indonesia Helena Al-Naber
An Innovative Approach to Preparing a Sub-National Climate Change Action Plan: Case of Orissa State, India Part I Upendra Behera Abstract
An Innovative Approach to Preparing a Sub-National Climate Change Action Plan: Case of Orissa State (India) Part II Muthukumara Mani


Second Day's Summary and Review

Presentation Presenter Organization Abstract
Chair:Weston Fisher The Cadmus Group Playlist
Panel of Session Chairs