Call for IAIA16 Training Course Proposals


For full course details, registration instructions, and more, download:

IAIA training courses will be held 9-10 May 2016 at the Nagoya Congress Center.  Separate registration fees apply, and pre-registration is required.  Not able to attend IAIA16 but still want to take a course?  Not a problem!  A small additional registration fee will apply; see the PDF Registration form for details.  

Please register early! Courses will be cancelled if they do not reach the minimum number of paid participants by 14 March 2016.  In consideration of the trainers and their need to prepare appropriate quantities of course materials, registrants may not change courses after 18 April.



  1. Human Rights and Impact Assessment
  2. Integrating Ecosystem Services into Development Planning (IES) – A Training for Impact Assessment Practitioners
  3. Mainstreaming Biodiversity in Impact Assessment for Promoting Resilience and Sustainability
  4. How to Maximize the Value and Effect of Social Impact Assessment
  5. Organized Reasoning and Environmental Impact Assessment
  6. Quality Assurance in EIA: Guide and Review
  7. Resilience Assessment Tools for Integrating Complexity and Unpredictability with Impact Assessment and Planning
  8. One Term – Various Meanings: SEA Theory and Practices
  9. State of the Art Sustainability Assessment
  10. Structural Methods for Multi-Hazard Risk Reduction in Protected Central Areas of Cities


If the training course for which you have registered does not meet the minimum number by 14 March 2016, IAIA HQ will notify you and provide refund information or offer to transfer you to another course.  Course registration after 14 March is possible but is subject to availability and receipt of payment.  Registration closes 18 April 2016, and courses cannot be changed after that date.

If you must cancel, your course registration fee will be refunded minus a US$125 administration fee and contingent upon a written notice of cancellation received in HQ by 18 April 2016. After 18 April, no refunds will be issued for cancellations or no shows.