IAIA19 Submitted Poster Abstracts

Following is a list of IAIA19 Annual Conference poster abstracts.

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  • 1. Resource Communities and Community Benefit Agreements: Securing Long-Term Benefits from Short-Term Extractive Projects


    Abstract ID# 63

    Presenting Author: Jackson   Rose |  Coauthor(s):  Julia Haggerty

    Summary Statement: Community Benefit Agreements may be important to secure long-term benefits from short-term extractive projects, and this work explores their reception and application in a rural U.S. community.

    Acceptance Status: approve


  • 40 years of impacts on lakes and reservoirs


    Abstract ID# 35

    Presenting Author: Verónica  Giberti |  Coauthor(s):  Maria Boveri

    Summary Statement: We have an opportunity and a need to evaluate the environmental impact of four decades of economic and social development in Argentina upon its lakes and reservoirs.

    Acceptance Status: approve


  • A performance evaluation of the strategic environmental assessment in South Korea


    Abstract ID# 15

    Presenting Author: Hee  Sagong |  Coauthor(s):  Yong-Joon Joo ,   Who-Seung   Lee ,   Eugene

    Summary Statement: We have conducted performance analysis to evaluate how the determination of appropriate alternatives and scoping were worked in the SEA in Korea.

    Acceptance Status: approve


  • A Study on the Environmental Impact Assessment uses cases and operation of the drone.


    Abstract ID# 17

    Presenting Author: LEE  SEUNG HYUN |  Coauthor(s):  JUNG SE-HOON ,   KIM   JONG CHUN ,   LEE ,   HAN HYOUNG SUMSEUNG SUP & BAEK KI TAE

    Summary Statement: Using drones for post-management of environmental impact assessment will enable active management of environmental changes in development projects.

    Acceptance Status: approve


  • Adjustment of Indicators to Determine the Ecological Value of Wetlands in Compensation Plans


    Abstract ID# 37

    Presenting Author: Martha  Ly |  Coauthor(s):  Heidi Quintana ,   Alex   Coz

    Summary Statement: The total Ecological Value determination for wetlands in High Andes allows supporting wetlands preservation actions.

    Acceptance Status: approve


  • Analysis of Change in Urban Ecological Networks Relating to the Invalidation of Decisions on Urban Parks: Focus on Busan, Korea


    Abstract ID# 51

    Presenting Author: Jung Eun   Kang |  Coauthor(s):  Hee-sun Choi ,   Hee-soo   Hwang ,   Sang-hyeok

    Summary Statement: This study examined ecological network change affected by the 2020 invalidation of decisions on urban parks with a focus on Busan, Korea.

    Acceptance Status: approve


  • Analysis of Law Suit Case of National Big Projects related to EIA of Korea


    Abstract ID# 16

    Presenting Author: Youngsoo  LEE

    Summary Statement: Through examination of main 4 reasons connected to EIA related law suit case, we can suggest soluitons to improve EIA legislation of Korea.

    Acceptance Status: approve


  • Analysis of Runoff Characteristics of Non-point Source Pollution in Each Complex Land-cover Watershed


    Abstract ID# 39

    Presenting Author: Eunjeong  Lee |  Coauthor(s):  Minji Park ,   Chun Gyeong   Yun ,   Joongdae ,   Inhong SongChoi & Soonju Yu

    Summary Statement: We analyzed characteristics of non-point source pollution by land-cover using EMC, first-flushing and correlation analysis.

    Acceptance Status: approve


  • Analysis on the Linkage between SDGs and National Climate Change Adaptation Plan in Korea


    Abstract ID# 47

    Presenting Author: AHyun  Dong |  Coauthor(s):  JungEun Kang ,   YOKO   KAMATA

    Summary Statement: In this study, We looked at the linkage between sustainable development goals and Korea's measures to adapt to climate change, and analyze the national climate change policy.

    Acceptance Status: approve


  • Assessing offshore biodiversity in Environmental Impact Assessments (EIAs) – experience from the Nordics


    Abstract ID# 10

    Presenting Author: Ditte Marie  Mikkelsen

    Summary Statement: Ramboll Environment & Health has significant experience working with large-scale multidisciplinary offshore EIAs, especially in the Nordic countries. EIA practitioners across the Nordic countries have

    Acceptance Status: approve


  • Assessing the effectiveness of strategic environmental assessment (SEA) in agricultural water resource planning: an experience of South Korea


    Abstract ID# 31

    Presenting Author: Kyoung-Ho  Kim

    Summary Statement: SEA in water resource plan can be improved by focusing on sustainable water use that integrates water security and socio-ecological effects rather than environmental impacts of proposed plan.

    Acceptance Status: approve


  • Assessment of Building Damage Risk by Natural Disasters in South Korea


    Abstract ID# 9

    Presenting Author: Junhoo  Lee |  Coauthor(s):  Seonghwan Yoon

    Summary Statement: The purpose of this study is to identify the relationship between weather variables and buildings damaged in natural disasters. We used four datasets on building damage history and 33 weather datasets

    Acceptance Status: approve


  • Changing gear: the impacts of tourist activity around a new cycle trail


    Abstract ID# 43

    Presenting Author: MIchael Mackay  Mackay |  Coauthor(s):  Nick Taylor ,   Harvey   Perkins

    Summary Statement: A 300km cycle trail in New Zealand was designed to have positive effects on local communities and environments, however, issues arise around potential impacts and sustainable outcomes.

    Acceptance Status: approve


  • Conversion of environmental impact assessment information to regional basis data


    Abstract ID# 25

    Presenting Author: Moung Jin  Lee |  Coauthor(s):  Namwook Cho

    Summary Statement: This study suggests the implications for institutional development through case of Korea's environmental impact assessment information

    Acceptance Status: approve


  • Cost of EIA:Is a time to look inside the black box


    Abstract ID# 60

    Presenting Author: Fernanda  Veronez |  Coauthor(s):  Marcelo Montaño

    Summary Statement: The paper presents the results of an empirical study about the cost of Environmental Impact Assessment.

    Acceptance Status: approve


  • Earthquake Risk Assessment in Korean IA – Status and Future


    Abstract ID# 26

    Presenting Author: Sun-Yong  Kwon

    Summary Statement: In this study, current status of earthquake risk assessment in Korean IA was examined and the improvement direction was suggested.

    Acceptance Status: approve


  • Efficient small mammal surveys from owl pellets


    Abstract ID# 30

    Presenting Author: Ken  Aplin |  Coauthor(s):  Enock Kale ,   Kyle   Armstrong

    Summary Statement: Owl pellets provide more information on small mammals for less cost than trapping in biodiversity surveys.

    Acceptance Status: approve


  • EIA systems In the Era of Big Data and Analytics


    Abstract ID# 62

    Presenting Author: Jose Eduardo  Xavier |  Coauthor(s):  Fernanda Veronez

    Summary Statement: This paper provides some insights into how big data can influence and enhance the EIA systems.

    Acceptance Status: approve


  • Environment Planning Tool For Sustainable Tourism


    Abstract ID# 36

    Presenting Author: Gregory  Barbara |  Coauthor(s):  Jope Davetanivalu ,   Easter   Galuvao

    Summary Statement: These guidelines highlight the importance of EIA, impact management and mitigation for promoting sustainable tourism development by avoiding or minimising potential damage to the environment

    Acceptance Status: approve


  • ESIA, licensing, and enforcement in Latin America


    Abstract ID# 19

    Presenting Author: Gunnar  Baldwin (Jr.)

    Summary Statement: This poster presents the findings of a comparative study of environmental licensing and enforcement systems Latin America in the context of activities subject to the ESIA process.

    Acceptance Status: approve


  • Experience of Community Involvement in EIA follow-up


    Abstract ID# 50

    Presenting Author: Jin-Hee  Lee |  Coauthor(s):  Yoo Heonseok ,   Lee   Eojin

    Summary Statement: The research provides a EIA follow-up measure for public paticipation in the environmentally sensitive designated waste landfill project and shares the exprience.

    Acceptance Status: approve


  • Financiers - an ESRM role-player with CLOUT


    Abstract ID# 75

    Presenting Author: Adika  Rambally

    Summary Statement: Financiers can play a big role in influencing positive ESRM. Their evolving role, responsibilities and ways in which they can exert influence through due diligence processes and the compliance cycle will be discussed (within a South African context).

    Acceptance Status: approve


  • GIS-based modeling to assessing areas for shale gas development with hydraulic techniques


    Abstract ID# 32

    Presenting Author: O. Mauricio  Hernandez Carrascal

    Summary Statement: This work presents a GIS-based environmental model which uses a multicriteria methodology to assess potential shale gas developments with hydraulic fracturing techniques (Piquirí basin, Brazil)

    Acceptance Status: approve


  • Heat wave impact variation due to urban canopy change


    Abstract ID# 70

    Presenting Author: Chae Yeon  Park |  Coauthor(s):  Dong Kun Lee

    Summary Statement: Development urban areas can change the heat wave impact on the outdoor people. We assessed the change of the heat wave impact by changing form and materials of urban canopy.

    Acceptance Status: approve


  • How are you communicating your impacts?


    Abstract ID# 49

    Presenting Author: Kerrie  Aldous

    Summary Statement: As impact assessments evolve towards performance based outcomes, this poster presents a visual exploration of the way impacts may be communicated for a reference design versus a more detailed design.

    Acceptance Status: approve


  • Increasing Accuracy of Species Distribution Model : Focused on presence/absence accuracy


    Abstract ID# 22

    Presenting Author: Hye In  Chung

    Summary Statement: Suggesting a new methodology for increasing accuracy of species distribution model, focusing on both presence/absence accuracy

    Acceptance Status: approve


  • Integrating groundwater into land use decision-making through IA


    Abstract ID# 71

    Presenting Author: David  R. Decelis

    Summary Statement: Through participative scoping of SEA for land use plans in Mexico, groundwater (GW) was integrated as a VEC to address technical, legal, and institutional shortcomings of GW-energy-food security nexus

    Acceptance Status: approve


  • Introducing Collective Human Rights of Indigenous People to Environmental Assessment Instruments


    Abstract ID# 38

    Presenting Author: Judith   Flores |  Coauthor(s):  Nahil Tarazona ,   Martha   Ly

    Summary Statement: The proposed tool based in the risk assessment helps to assess the probability to affect Collective Human Rights of Indigenous People and identify measures to mitigate the risk to affect the CHRIP.

    Acceptance Status: approve


  • JICA's Right of Way Management Project in Cambodia


    Abstract ID# 12

    Presenting Author: Takayuki  Tsuchida |  Coauthor(s):  Chankosal Tauch ,   Phalla   Chhim ,   Vuthea ,   Novida PorkPin & Akira Yamashita

    Summary Statement: Outputs from the JICA's Technical Cooperation Project in Cambodia, Right-of-Way Management System consists of mapping, database, and preventive activities are introduced in terms of Environmental and

    Acceptance Status: approve


  • Kazungula Bridge Resettlement Action for Lumbo Village


    Abstract ID# 18

    Presenting Author: MOTHUSI  NTSEME |  Coauthor(s):  MOTHUSI NTSEME ,   JOHN   YONA

    Summary Statement: The Government of Zambia through Road Development Agency successfully implemented the AFDB Resettlement Action Plan to pave way for the construction of the OSBP which was a Loan condition.

    Acceptance Status: approve


  • KSEIA: Retrospect and Prospect


    Abstract ID# 5

    Presenting Author: Myungjin  Kim |  Coauthor(s):  Jong-Gwan Jung ,   Sookjin   Jeon

    Summary Statement: In retrospect we have learned IA lessons from KSEIA and we will develop IA in prospect. The future of KSEIA is the future of IA.

    Acceptance Status: approve


  • Limitation of malodor assessment for SEA of city project


    Abstract ID# 40

    Presenting Author: Yumi  Kim |  Coauthor(s):  Junyeong An

    Summary Statement: Current status and problems of malodor assessment for strategic environmental impact assessment of city development project in South Korea were investigated.

    Acceptance Status: approve


  • Methodology for calculating the value of environmental compensation for significant environmental impact


    Abstract ID# 72

    Presenting Author: Antônio   Borges

    Summary Statement: In order to discuss how to apply the methodology for calculating the value of environmental compensation, analysts of the coordinations working with environmental licensing at the federal level

    Acceptance Status: approve


  • Mitigation Measures for Wildlife in Chile: Examples from the Real world.


    Abstract ID# 64

    Presenting Author: Cristian  Perez |  Coauthor(s):  Gino Araya

    Summary Statement: This research analyzes mitigation measures implemented for biodiversity in Chile that have been sanctioned by the enforcement agency as a way to understand their relationship with the EIA process.

    Acceptance Status: approve


  • Nature surveys and biodiversity offsets in Finland


    Abstract ID# 42

    Presenting Author: Hanna  Kalliolevo |  Coauthor(s):  Timo Vuorisalo ,   Matti   Salo

    Summary Statement: Approach to assess nature values and finding potential compensation areas for biodiversity offsetting based on a large database of nature inventories conducted in Finland.

    Acceptance Status: approve


  • Neighbourhood perception of areas affected by fine particular matter (pm2.5) from the power plant of Tanjung Jati, Jepara, Indonesia


    Abstract ID# 53

    Presenting Author: Poerna  Srioetari |  Coauthor(s):  Adian Khoironi

    Summary Statement: In viewing the existence of Tanjung Jati power plant, the neighborhood of study areas have a diverse thoughts because lack of knowledge about the impact of pm 2,5 for their health risk.

    Acceptance Status: approve


  • New Environmental Management Mode – 4Ls


    Abstract ID# 28

    Presenting Author: Xiaoli  Liu

    Summary Statement: It is a key task for Chinese environmental protection departments to actively implement the requirements of the reform of the ecological civilization system and deepen the reform of the EIA system.

    Acceptance Status: approve


  • NORM Management by Offshore O&G Industry in Brazil


    Abstract ID# 57

    Presenting Author: Michel  Marques

    Summary Statement: NORM Waste Management by Offshore Oil and Gas Industry in Brazil and difficulties found by Federal Environmental Brazilian Agency in Envionmental Impact Assessment and licensing of such activities.

    Acceptance Status: approve


  • Nuclear Power Plant Decommissioning Project and Environmental Assessment in Korea


    Abstract ID# 7

    Presenting Author: Kyung-Hee  Shin

    Summary Statement: Comprehensive environmental impact assessment of NPP decommissioning project in Korea is required to complete the site closure successfully without the concern about radiological and non-radiological

    Acceptance Status: approve


  • Offshore Wind Farm in Korean Southwestern coastal


    Abstract ID# 4

    Presenting Author: Junho  Maeng |  Coauthor(s):  Taeyun Kim ,   Jinsung   Seo

    Summary Statement: This study aims to provide environmental impact assessment and ocean safety standards for the construction of the offshore wind farms in Southwest coast of South Korea. It will include the environmental information obtained from the long-term monitoring as a fundamental database and the environmental guidelines for the ocean safety obtained by identifying the physical, chemical, and biological impacts due to a large-scale offshore wind farm.

    Acceptance Status: approve


  • On monitoring and follow-up in northern Quebec


    Abstract ID# 73

    Presenting Author: Gordon  Hickey

    Summary Statement: Identify issues and opportunities presented by EIA monitoring and follow-up practices in Northern Quebec to enhance the inter-connections between the governance, communities, and resources management.

    Acceptance Status: approve


  • Plight and Resilience of Adivasis


    Abstract ID# 76

    Presenting Author: Shahjahan  Siraj

    Summary Statement: Recently I have made two documentaries and photo stories on the climate change on life and adaption of Adivasis and coastal people in Bangladesh. I would like to share a photographic visual poster/ pr

    Acceptance Status: approve


  • PM2.5 exposure induces liver injury and abnormal liver lipid metabolism in aged mice


    Abstract ID# 41

    Presenting Author: Yan  Ruifeng |  Coauthor(s):  Li Wei ,   Gao   Guanlong

    Summary Statement: Exposure to PM2.5 causes damage to the liver and disrupts the normal metabolism of liver lipids in aged mice. Older mice are identified as susceptible populations.

    Acceptance Status: approve


  • Promoting Strategic Environmental Assessment(SEA) in Achieving Sustainable Development of the Environment – With Taiwan as Case Study


    Abstract ID# 6

    Presenting Author: Chun-Cheng  Feng

    Summary Statement: Taiwan government has actively pushed Strategic Environmental Assessment(SEA), since the "Environmental Impact Assessment Act” was promulgated in 1994.We have complied 19 cases of SEA.

    Acceptance Status: approve


  • Public Participation Behavior in EIA Based on the Theory of Planned Behavior within the context of China


    Abstract ID# 55

    Presenting Author: Lan  Lan |  Coauthor(s):  He Jia ,   Bao   Cunkuan

    Summary Statement: This paper uses the Theory of Planned Behavior and quantitative methods to analyze the behavior choice and influencing factors of public participation in EIA.

    Acceptance Status: approve


  • Public participation in the practice of China's EIA by analysis of an integrated framework


    Abstract ID# 54

    Presenting Author: Jia  He |  Coauthor(s):  Xinyue Yao ,   Cunkuan   Bao

    Summary Statement: The paper will set up an integrated framework to categorize different public participation patterns in EIA practices and analyze their features to find a more effective type of public involvement.

    Acceptance Status: approve


  • Rapid assessment of climate change issues in Indonesian Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA)


    Abstract ID# 58

    Presenting Author: Arif Habibal  Umam

    Summary Statement: The issue of climate change still varies greatly in Indonesian SEA. Assessment of climate change issues in a SEA in Indonesia has no relation to sectoral policies, but the purpose of each region.

    Acceptance Status: approve


  • SEA in New Zealand: do s32 reports pass the test?


    Abstract ID# 27

    Presenting Author: Richard  Morgan |  Coauthor(s):  Chantal Whitby

    Summary Statement: Are s32 reports under the NZ RMA really the equivalent of SEA? Our project looked at 55 reports to find out.

    Acceptance Status: approve


  • SEA of a regional oil & gas project in Argentina


    Abstract ID# 29

    Presenting Author: Ramiro  Sarandón

    Summary Statement: SEA of a regional Non Conventional oil & gas project in Argentina, recommend to prioritize environmental issues to transform this opportunity into a sustainable regional development plan.

    Acceptance Status: approve


  • SIA for Geothermal Development in Japan and New Zealand


    Abstract ID# 52

    Presenting Author: Yuki  SHIBATA |  Coauthor(s):  Ayumi HORI ,   Daiki   KAWASAKI

    Summary Statement: This paper discusses lessons learned from advanced geothermal planning system in New Zealand for Japanese geothermal SIA.

    Acceptance Status: approve


  • SRF quality standards and management could influence EIA effectiveness.


    Abstract ID# 20

    Presenting Author: Junyeong  An |  Coauthor(s):  Yu-Mi Kim

    Summary Statement: In this presentation, we review the laws and institutions of South Korea for production and use of SRF, and reveal that SRF quality standards and management might influence EIA effectiveness.

    Acceptance Status: approve


  • Strategic impact assessment and public acceptability for renewable energy in Korea


    Abstract ID# 44

    Presenting Author: kongjang  CHO |  Coauthor(s):  aram seo ,   junho   maeng

    Summary Statement: The results of scenario workshop with residents near the wind project planned site showed that this can be useful method for participatory renewable energy project planning.

    Acceptance Status: approve


  • Study on assessment plan of underwater noise in offshore wind turbine


    Abstract ID# 21

    Presenting Author: Hyosung  Sun |  Coauthor(s):  Byungkwon Lee

    Summary Statement: This study is focused on the suggestion for the assessment plan of the underwater noise impact in the development of an offshore wind turbine.

    Acceptance Status: approve


  • The impact of information volume on EIS review


    Abstract ID# 61

    Presenting Author: Alberto  Fonseca |  Coauthor(s):  Germán Fernandez

    Summary Statement: What is the perception of civil servants about lengthy environmental impact statements? An online survey with more than 100 respondents explored answers to this question in the context of Brazil’s EIA

    Acceptance Status: approve


  • The Tallinn Forum – An International Co-operation on Capacity Building in SEA


    Abstract ID# 56

    Presenting Author: Charlotta  Faith-Ell |  Coauthor(s):  Ross Marschall ,   Heikki   Kalle

    Summary Statement: The Tallinn Forum is a co-operative initiative that has been developed by some of Europe’s leading practitioners in order to meet this need for reflection and capacity building in SEA.

    Acceptance Status: approve


  • The VISUAL Environmental and Social Framework


    Abstract ID# 33

    Presenting Author: Warren  Mayes

    Summary Statement: An infographic representation of the entire contents of the World Bank ESF. Confronts ‘visual’ thinkers with a transparency unobtainable by summary or synopsis.

    Acceptance Status: approve


  • Understanding the effects scale on EA screening and scoping


    Abstract ID# 48

    Presenting Author: Dirk  Cilliers

    Summary Statement: Scale is a key characteristic associated with spatial information and should be carefully considered in any process where spatial information is used to inform decision making. The screening and scopi

    Acceptance Status: approve


  • Unseen impacts of project location


    Abstract ID# 8

    Presenting Author: Kanokporn   Swangjang

    Summary Statement: This study aims to analyse some hidden impacts of project location. Two groups of project according to Thai’s legislation, including Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) level and Environmental Heal

    Acceptance Status: approve


  • Urban green space spatial distribution impact on flash flood reduction


    Abstract ID# 66

    Presenting Author: Byungsun  Yang |  Coauthor(s):  Dong Kun Lee

    Summary Statement: By using simplified hydrological model, we simulated urban green space runoff reduction effect according spatial distribution and flash flood reduction.

    Acceptance Status: approve