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Course #12.  Stakeholder Engagement and Public Participation in Impact Assessment:  Working to International Good Practice Standards, an International IAP2 Certificate Course





The course is based on the International Association for Public Participation (IAP2) training course “Public Participation for Decision Makers” and adapted for public participation in impact assessment.
At the conclusion of this course, participants will have learned critical components and considerations for effective public participation, including:

  • Three principal foundations that underpin effective public participation and how to go about them in process design:  stakeholder and proponent values, clarifying the decision to be made, and the ultimate goal you want to achieve in terms of level of stakeholder impact on the decision.
  • Costs and benefits of public participation for the proponent, authorities, all stakeholders.
  • A full understanding of who stakeholders are, how to identify and reach them.
  • Applying the IAP2 Core Values for Public Participation to your entire process.
  • Techniques for sharing information, collecting and compiling information and bringing people together—when and why to use different techniques, and insights into a few select techniques.
  • How to be flexible and adapt the process as needed, highlighted by evaluation.
Uniquely, participants will be asked to submit ideas for case studies—examples regarded as “successful” and also “ineffective” or poor/bad practice. The course will draw out lessons learned from all case studies.
Level: Intermediate to advanced. This course is tailored to those who have experience in the field. It will be attractive to those who work on projects especially in emerging economies where project developers are bound by their investors to meet international good practice standards such as those of the Performance Standards of the International Finance Corporation.
Prerequisites: An understanding of public participation and a willingness to adapt your approach and techniques to take them to the next level.
Language: English
Duration: 1 day (28 April)
Price: US$300
Min/Max: 10-25

Tanya Burdett, Director, Essential Planning Ltd / Burdett Associates Pty Ltd (UK)


Tanya Burdett has 23+ years’ experience in stakeholder engagement, with active consulting practices in both Australia and the UK. She has worked on 160+ projects including: planning strategy and policy development; urban development; energy planning and development; transport; water supply and sanitation; mining and resources; oil and gas; coastal development, marinas and leisure facilities; and other industrial development.
Tanya has led for the UK government on implementation of European legislation and UNECE conventions on EIA, SEA, engagement and public participation within the spatial planning sector, representing the UK at regular EU meetings (2005-2009) and in OECD forums.
As a member of the EIA Quality Mark Panel for the Institute of Environmental Management and Assessment (IEMA) Tanya regularly reviews EIA practice, and is a Sessional Member with Planning Panels Victoria (Australia). Ms Burdett has delivered IAP2 training in the UK, Ireland, Portugal, Poland, Indonesia, Malaysia, Ghana, South Africa, Yemen, Kazakhstan and Australia, and is scheduled to deliver this same training approach at the IAIA Special Symposium in Kuching in October (using impact assessment to achieve the SDGs in Asia). She has provided other capacity building activities in Hungary, Belgium, China, Mongolia, and has worked on specific urban development, water and transport sector projects in the Philippines, Malaysia, and Western Samoa.