26 September 2022 │Cape Town, South Africa │In-person participation only




The purpose of the course is to determine whyhow, and when it is necessary to bring Climate Change into EIA's. Participants will also learn how to think and what information is available to work with. Analysis is important and how to move from theory to practice. Is trade-offs acceptable mitigation in South Africa and if so, why? Furthermore, we will elaborate on lessons learnt from previous local and international studies and get key take-aways from this analysis. We will also discuss how to get consistency in these specialist studies going forward. COP 26 outcomes and Environmental Megatrends as per the World Economic Forum ties in with the necessity of Climate Change Impact Assessment integration into EIA's.


The course content and outcomes include:

  • Understanding the context of climate change in environmental impact assessments.
  • Understanding the relationship between climate change and sustainable development.
  • Understanding climate change Impact and its uniqueness, as the local contributions and the global effects are not directly linked.
  • What will trigger the necessity of a climate change specialist study, and can this be incorporated in the existing EIA screening assessment?
  • Learning from local case studies how to bring the climate change aspect into an EIA.
  • Group discussion on the development of a standard -- but non-tick box -- approach to provide consistency in climate change impact assessments going forward.
  • Discussion on alternatives/mitigation measures: know what data and modelling is available to support practical alternatives with a long-term perspective.
  • Learning from international case studies with South Africa in mind.
  • Conclusion: South Africa needs to move towards a low carbon economy with a climate resilient society, and EIAs are part of this journey.



Format: In-person only

Duration: One day (26 September 2022)

Registration Fee: US$275

Level: Foundation Level

Prerequisites: None

Language of delivery: English

Min/max: 10-22

Instructor: Elbi Bredenkamp (Founder and CEO, Enviroworks Environmental Consultancy, South Africa)




As a child, Elbi Bredenkamp fell in love with nature, and her dream of becoming a conservationist bloomed from this passion. She believes that God gave us one planet to call home and to care for, which is why she has devoted her life to protecting the environment from being misused or abused by reckless human activity. Elbi's passion for the environment, combined with her natural leadership skills, integrity, and goal orientated personality, allowed her to establish and grow her own successful company, with a diverse, dynamic team that can help her create sustainable development throughout the country and abroad. She is skilled and experienced in the fields of Project Management, Environmental Impact Assessments, Social Facilitation and Social Impact Assessments, Auditing and Training.



SACNASP REG.: 400328/11 | IAIAsa REG.: 3893 | AIS REG.: 1018 | CPRP PRISA:  REG: 73740 Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Verification ISO 14064 -50029594-50052913| Systems and GHG Technical Assessor SANAS -ISO 14065

M.Sc. Botany - University of the Free State (Cum Laude) (1994);

ISO 14064-1/2/3/4 - Carbon Action (UK) Courses completed in England & Ireland on Carbon Footprint measuring and verification (2010);

Founder and CEO of Enviroworks Environmental Management Company since 2002 (;

Founder and CEO of EnviroCare (Non-Profit Organisation);

Certified Carbon Verifier and Member of Carbon Protocol of South Africa;

Certified ISO 14064 GHG Verifier;

Certified Professional Scientist (Pr.Sci.Nat. 400328/11) (SACNASP);

Member of the International Association for Impact Assessment (IAIAsa) (Membership 3893);

Alien Invasive Species Consultant (SAGIC Training AIS 1018);

IAP2 Southern Africa (IAP2 SA) affiliate to the International Association for Public Participation (IAP2);

Accredited Chartered Public Relations Practitioner (Member no:73740) with the Public Relations Institute of South Africa (CPRP PRISA).