IAIA19 Submitted Poster Abstracts

Following is a list of IAIA19 Annual Conference poster abstracts.

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  • KSEIA: Retrospect and Prospect


    Abstract ID# 5

    Presenting Author: Myungjin  Kim |  Coauthor(s):  Jong-Gwan Jung ,   Sookjin   Jeon

    Summary Statement: In retrospect we have learned IA lessons from KSEIA and we will develop IA in prospect. The future of KSEIA is the future of IA.

    Acceptance Status: pending


  • Offshore Wind Farm in Korean Southwestern coastal


    Abstract ID# 4

    Presenting Author: Jinsung  Seo

    Summary Statement: This study will provid the environmental impact assessment and ocean safety guidelines for the large-scaled offshore wind farms.

    Acceptance Status: pending


  • Offshore Wind Farm in the South-western Water of Korea


    Abstract ID# 1

    Presenting Author: Junho  Maeng

    Summary Statement: Since the environment changes due to the development of the offshore wind farms have become complex over a long period of time, the physical, chemical and biological impacts should be identified.

    Acceptance Status: pending