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Agreements between companies and communities: What do they mean for impact assessment?

The EAP dialogue: challenges & achievementsAlonso Zarzar, The World Bank

Impact Assessment and Indigenous Agreement MakingCiaran O'Faircheallaigh, Griffith University

Do IAs result in better outcomes than agreements?Aidan Davy, ICMM

CDAs; trends and lessons learnedSunrita Sarkar, ERM

Countries joining forces: regional approaches to EIA capacity development

SEA Capacity Building in West AfricaArona SOUMARE, WWF WAMERPresentation [PDF]


Strengthening EIA systems through civil societyDieudonné BITONDO, Secretariat for Environmental Assessment in Central Africa (SEACA)Presentation [PDF]

Does impact assessment lead to responsible development?
Ecosystem services for sustainable socioeconomic development

Corporate ecosystem valuation - the business caseViolaine Berger, World Business Council for Sustainable DevelopmentPresentation [PDF]

Ecosystem Services Inclusive SEAMaria Partidario, IST-UTLPresentation [PDF]Review Paper [PDF]

Integrating ecosystem services in land use plansDavide Geneletti, Center for International Development, Harvard UniversityPresentation [PDF]

Civil Society Action to Enhance the Human Right to WaterRaúl Hernández-Garciadiego, Alternativas y Procesos de Participación Social A.C.Presentation [PDF]

Corporate ecosystem valuation - making a businessViolaine Berger, World Business Council for SustainablePresentation [PDF]

    Health impact assessment in development country settings: From theory into practice

    HIAs and Industry ResponsibilityStephen Kisakye, Africa Barrick Gold

    HIAs on the ground in Philippines and MongoliaEliza Kurtz, JTA International

    New tools for HIA in developing countriesMirko Winkler, Swiss Tropical and Public Health Institute/NewFields

    Practice of HIA in developing countriesMark Divall, Shape Consulting/NewFields

    Aspiration versus Operation: Executing a Focused Cgary Krieger, NewFields, LLC

    HIA in 21st century: Time for a new consensus

    Learning from practice: a New Zealand case studyRichard Morgan, University of OtagoReview Paper [PDF]

    HIA and public policy developmentPatrick Harris, University of New South Wales

    Maximising SEA influence for poverty reduction

    SEA in policy and sector reformFernando Loayza, World Bank

    SEA in Latin America - experiences of the IDBElizabeth Brito, Inter-American Development BankPresentation [PDF]

    The role of SEA in Namibia: Recent Case LessonsPeter Tarr, Southern African Institute for Environmental Assessment

    Oil and gas and responsible development

    e-SHRIMP Four Years On: Report On User ExperienceBen Witchalls, International Association of Oil and Gas ProducersPresentation [PDF]

    Embedding the EIA Process in PEMEX Project CycleFernando D. Rodriguez, HSE International LLC - Managing DirectorPresentation [PDF]

    Indigenous Peoples - Vital PartnersPeter Croal, Canadian International Development AgencyPresentation [PDF]

      Perspectives on partnerships for responsible project delivery

      Green Procurement for Developing Partnerships in IAJos Arts, Ministry Infrastructure and Environment (Rijkswaterstaat)

      Procuring green energy in the construction sectorKedar Uttam, Environmental Management and Assessment Research Group, Royal Institute of TechnologyReview Paper [PDF]

      Perspectives on Partnerships for Responsible ProjeCharlotta Faith-Ell, WSP Civils

      Incentives in contracting for project deliveryMelissa Wells, Cardno

      Social and environmental sustainability in private sector finance

      IFC's Sustainability FrameworkReidar Kvam, IFC

      The power of peer pressure: Tools for benchmarking IA systems

      Evaluation of the Finnish EIA systemJorma Jantunen, Finnish Environment InstitutePresentation [PDF]Review Paper [PDF]

      The African EA BarometerPeter Tarr, SAIEAPresentation [PDF]

      EIA-mapping: a yardstick for EIA-system performancReinoud Post, Netherlands Commission for Environmental Assessment

      Best Practice Review of EIA Agency EffectivenessWeston Fisher, The Cadmus GroupPresentation [PDF]

      What constitutes responsible development in the extractives industry?

      Towards Sustainable CSR in Australian MiningSara Bice, Australian Centre for CSR/University of Melbourne

      CSR in Mining Through the Project LifecycleEleanor Gill, Hatch

      CSR, Governance, and mining: Canada and MexicoAngeles Mendoza Sammet, University of Calgary

      Responsible development in context: the use EDITRenee Kearney Kearney, UNKNOWN

      Paper Sessions

      Agriculture planning and environmental sustainability

      Landuse change in Brazil: the effectiveness of EIAAmarilis Lucia Casteli Figueiredo Gallardo, Institute for Technological ResearchReview Paper [PDF]

      Sustainability assessment of sugarcane in BrazilAna Paula Turetta, Embrapa Solos

      Assessing Sustainability of Bioenergy ProductionRocio Diaz-Chavez, Imperiasl College London, Centre for Environmental Policy

      Eco-services from Multifunctional AgricultureFrancis Karanja, University of New England

      Asian SEA, EIA and Sustainability Assessment I

      Environmental Assessment & Enforcement in ChinaXin Ren, World Bank

      Expectation on Railway Expansion in Hong KongHenry LEUNG, MTRCL / HKIEIAReview Paper [PDF]

      Prospects of SEA in Pakistan: A case study of CDWANazia Zakir Ahmed, IUCN/Planning CommissionReview Paper [PDF]

      Implement of EIA promises from the developerTung-Wan Chang, Environmental Protection Administration

      Indicator and communication in SEA:the China caseJingjing Gao, Aalborg Universitet

      Asian SEA, EIA and Sustainability Assessment II

      How Can SEA Influence the Decision-making in ChinaZhixi Zhu, Guangdong Provincial Academy of Environmental Science

      HIA of Responsible Design for Landuse in Mab TaputDuangjai Rungrojcharoenkit, Healthy Public Policy Foundation

      Evaluation of the effectiveness and quality of SEAHuizhi Wang, Nankai University

      Critical factors for implementing EIA effectivelyJie Zhang, Aalborg University

      Biodiversity offsets: Financial institutions and business "on the same page"?

      An overview of global trends in biodiversity bankiCourtney Lowrance, Citi

      Biodiversity offsets and ESIA SchedulesDerek Melton, Golder Associates Ltd.Review Paper [PDF]

      Integrating Biodiversity Offsets into the ProjectCourtney Lowrance, Citi

      EDC's experience with biodiversity offsetsChristopher Pullen, Export Development Canada

      Decision points and content issues in offsetsErnani Pilla, Interamerican Development Bank

      Biodiversity: bringing business on board

      A New Tool Towards Sustainable Investment ProjectsClara Whyte, Gaia Vision and Canadian Environmental Network (RCEN)

      Finance: mechanisms for safeguarding biodiversityErnani Pilla, Inter-American Development Bank

      Engaging business on biodiversity - mining and metMark Holmes, International Council on Mining and Metals

        Cities and city regions: Health, environment, society and sustainability


        Strategic Level Assessment of Transport NoiseLex Brown, Griffith University

        Local government, health and major project EAPatrick Harris, University of New South Wales

        Sustainability-based Urban Regeneration in TehranSoleiman Pakseresht, Bu Ali Sina UniversityPresentation [PDF]Review Paper [PDF]

        Climate change and its effect on agriculture, forestry and fisheries

        Impact Assessment of the Climate Change SolutionsMrs.Buddhina Nuntavorakarn, Healthy Public Policy Foundation

        Adaptive Resource Management under climate changePatrick Duffy, P. J. Duffy and Associates

        Reindeer husbandry-using past to predict futureLotta Jaakkola, University of JyvaskylaPresentation [PDF]

        Climate change in the Coastal Zone, EIA, SEA, mitigation and adaptation I

        Vulnerability Assessment of the Korean CoastKwangwoo Cho, Korea Environment Institute

        Climate change and risk assessment in the coastalPedro Bettencourt, NEMUS, Lda

        Impact of Sea Level Rise on the Nigerian CoastOlusola Popoola, University of PlymouthReview Paper [PDF]

        Climate change in the Coastal Zone, EIA, SEA, mitigation and adaptation II

        Ecological adaptation of coastal structuresOrlando Venn, Treweek Environmental Consultants

        Use of technological tools in EIA coastal proyectsJose Luis Rojas, GPPA

        Integrating ecosystem services into CEAs in MexicoJavier Clausen, University of Guadalajara - ITESO

        Climate change-inclusive SEA & EIA

        Environmental assessment in a changing ArcticTobin Seagel, Knight Piesold

        Assessing support for emissions reduction policyGalina Ivanova, CQUniversityReview Paper [PDF]

        Climate change inclusive SEA in VietnamArend Kolhoff, Netherlands Commission for environmental AssessmentPresentation [PDF]

        Climate Change, EIA and the Great Barrier ReefAdam Smith, Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority

        Coaching and mentoring: More effective alternatives to the short course?

        Some capacities need to be built more slowlyLex Brown, Griffith University

        Coaching EIA Trainers in Central AfricaGwen Van Boven, Netherlands Commission for Environmental Assessment (NCEA)Presentation [PDF]

        Learning together: SEA coaching in TurkeyBobbi Schijf, Netherlands Commission for Environmental AssessmentPresentation [PDF]

        Training the Trainers; Myth and RealityJean Hebert, Hydro-Quebec Equipement

        Community perceptions of mining and local governance

        Some issues in the Surat Basin mining regionGalina Ivanova, CQUniversity

        Social impacts of mining to the rural communityKatja Tervo, University of Eastern Finland, Joensuu Campus

        A Coal Barging Project on the Zambeze RiverKamal Govender, ERM Southern Africa

        Local responses to environmental impacts of miningTuija Mononen, University of Eastern Finland

        Considering community participation and land use issues associated with renewable energy

        EIA Case Study of Wind Power Plant in KoreaSangbum Lee, Korea Environment Institute

        Environmental considerations in the siting of solar plantsYoung Han Kwon, Korea Environment Institute

        Evaluating method on CO2 reduction by residentsMasaru Ito, edogawa univ.

        Bioenergy feedstock and environmental impactsUlla Mörtberg, Environmental Management and Assessment Research Group, Royal Institute of Technology

        Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), development and environmental footprints

        Breaking the Camel's Back? CEA that worksMiles Scott-Brown, Integrated Environments (2006) Ltd.

        Promoting local development by benefit sharingOrlando San Martin, SwecoReview Paper [PDF]

        Company's Strategic Environmental AlignmentRodrigo Jiliberto, TAU

        CSR, global change, adaptation and stakeholdersShivcharn Dhillion, ENVIRO-DEVReview Paper [PDF]

        SN Power's journey in southern ChileAna Miquel, SN PowerPresentation [PDF]Review Paper [PDF]

        Country experiences with oil industries and the environment

        Oil & Gas and the Environment in Trinidad & TobagoCindy Chandool, University of Trinidad and TobagoReview Paper [PDF]

        Cultural Heritage in Impact Assessment - Benefits and Good Practice I

        EIA AND THE PROTECTION OF CULTURAL HERITAGE IN AFRICAIshanlosen Odiaua, Université de Paris 1

        CULTURAL HERITAGE PROTECTION IN CFE (MEXICO)Juan Manuel Álvarez Pineda, Comisión Federal de Electricdad

        ESIAs to diversify CEMEX's fuel supply in the UKPaul Wheelhouse, Golder Associates (UK) LtdReview Paper [PDF]

        Authorities' attitude; Cultural Heritage in EIAInge Lindblom, The Norwegian Institute for Cultural Heritage ResearchPresentation [PDF]

        Assessment of Impact on Built Cultural HeritageTatiana Vakhitova, University of CambridgeReview Paper [PDF]

        Cultural Heritage in Impact Assessment - Benefits and Good Practice II

        Community Collaboration Enriches Cultural HeritageEzequiel Pinto-Guillaume, WSP SwedenReview Paper [PDF]

        Cultural Heritage Protection A New RelationshipAndré Burroughs, Hydro-Québec

        Archaeological Predictive Models for ESIA BaselineEmlen Myers, ERM GroupReview Paper [PDF]

        Traditional Territories of Indigenous PeoplePatricia McCormack, University of Alberta

        Assessment of the impacts of Canada's oil sandsKarin Buss, Ackroyd Law LLP

        Developing an Integrated Biodiversity Impact Assessment (IBIA) Methodology

        Developing IBIA: Process and content?John Fry, UCD DublinReview Paper [PDF]

        Developing IBIA: A Standardised AA Review PackageJohn Fry, UCD DublinReview Paper [PDF]

        Developing IBIA: Review of previous AAs in IrelandJohn Fry, UCD DublinReview Paper [PDF]

        Developing IBIA: Review of GIS-compatible methodsAinhoa Gonzalez, Trinity College DublinReview Paper [PDF]

        Early experiences of SEA in the oil and gas sector

        SEA of Mauritania Oil & Gas Sector-Lesson LearnedMarcello Iocca, D'Appolonia S.p.A.

        Using SEA in the oil and gas sector in West AfricaArona SOUMARE, WWF

        Initial Experience in SEA of Oil and Gas in GhanaJonathan Allotey, Environmental Protection AgencyReview Paper [PDF]

        Oil exploration in sensitive ecosystemsJustine Namara, Uganda Wildlife Authority

        EIA and hydropower: Practical cases for sustainability

        The CFE hydropower sustainability processOscar Calahorra, Comision Federal de Electricidad

        MANGROVE ECOSYSTEM EIA FOR AN HYDROELECTRIC PROJECÉvert Hernández López, Comisión Federal de ElectricidadPresentation [PDF]Review Paper [PDF]

        Application of Bayesian Networks in EIA of DamsHossein Moradi, Department of Natural Resources, Isfahan University of Technology

        Bayesian Networks in EIA of DamsHossein Moradi, Department of Natural Resources, Isfahan University of Technology

        Hydropower: towards Renewable Energy in MexicoHumberto Marengo Mogollón, Comisión Federal de ElectricidadPresentation [PDF]

        HYDROPOWER & ECONOMIC BENEFITS FOR POPULATIONSEmmanuel Gomez, Comision Federal de ElectricidadPresentation [PDF]

        EIA and Transmission Lines Siting

        Supporting Electric Transmission Siting DecisionsMary Beard Deming, Southern California Edison Company

        Electric system and social responsibilityCesar Fuentes, Comision Federal de Electricidad

        Potential impacts on flamingos, BoliviaGenevieve Beaulac, Inter American Development Bank

          EIA legislation: Development, amendment and review

          EIA AFTER NATURAL DISASTERS: EXPERIENCE IN CHILEBolivar Ruiz, Environmental Assesment Agency

          EIA legislation development a comparative studyArend Kolhoff, Netherlands Commission for Environmental assessmentPresentation [PDF]

          The Review of EIA Legislation in ZambiaWizaso Munthali, Environmental Council of Zambia

          Legal Framework of Chilean EIA: New AgenciesAndrés Sáez, Servicio de Evaluación AmbientalPresentation [PDF]

          ENVIRONMENTAL ASSESSMENT IN SPAIN. TOTUS ET NIHILMiguel Angel Casermeiro, UCM/Spanish Association for EIAPresentation [PDF]Review Paper [PDF]

          EIA Success Cases I

          Cuyutlan railroad in Manzanillo, a success caseSergio López Noriega, Grupo SELOME SA de CV

          From economic to holistic focus, an EIA successDeborah Donkin, Mott MacDonaldPresentation [PDF]

          Residual impacts of offshore exploration drillingFabian Palmada, ERMReview Paper [PDF]

          EIA Success Cases II

          Socio-economic Impacts of Military Induced GrowthPaul Sage, TEC Inc.

          EIA achieves environmentaly friendly golf coursesIñigo M. Sobrini, ICMA - Ingenieros Consultores Medio Ambiente SL

          EIA SUCCESSFUL CASES COMISION FEDERAL ELECTRICIDADGuillermo Zúñiga-Gutiérrez, Comisión Federal de Electricidad

          Environmental and social impact assessment as if management matters


          Social Assessment and Responsible Decision-MakingAndrea Jardine-Orr, Department of State Development, Western AustraliaPresentation [PDF]

          JICA's EIA Capacity Development in East Timorkanji usui, JICAPresentation [PDF]Review Paper [PDF]

          EIA implementation and its linkage to project EMSBehzad Raissiyan, Sinopec - International Petroleum Exploration and Production Corporation - Iran Yadavaran ProjectPresentation [PDF]

          Delivering on Environmental CommitmentsClaire Gronow, GHDPresentation [PDF]

          Environmental and socio-economic assessment and management in the oil and gas sector

          Env'al Degadation & Involuntary Mig in Niger DeltaPrince Mmom, University of Port Harcourt

          Pre-Salt Oil and its contribution to SD in BrazilCristiano Vilardo, COPPE/UFRJPresentation [PDF]

          Wet Meadow Management for Oil Pipeline ProjectsSükran Sahin, Ankara University

          Environmental compliance: Theory and practice

          application of fines for environmental offencesJuan David Mora, Ministry of Environment, Housing and Territorial Development

          Principles for Effective Impact AssessmentAngus Morrison-Saunders, Murdoch UniversityReview Paper [PDF]

          ASSESSMENT GUIDELINES: OIL AND GAS EXPLORATIONJuan Carlos Monckeberg, Environmental Assessment Service of ChileReview Paper [PDF]

          Environmental control officers and EA complianceJan-Albert Wessels, North-West University

          Sustainable Development Through Better PermittingSandra Burns, RTI InternationalReview Paper [PDF]

          Environmental risks and agriculture, forestry and fishers, with emphasis on fisheries.

          Risk Assessment: Impact on Fisheries SectorIjeoma Vincent-Akpu, University of Port HarcourtReview Paper [PDF]

          EIS on Hatchery Management and Funding in the U.S.Pamela Gunther, Golder Associates


            From biodiversity to ecosystem services: The changing face of EIA

            Assessing the feasibility of using (ESV) in (EIA)Naghmeh Mobarghei Dinan, University of Shahid Beheshti

            Ecosystem services and conservation values in EIAMarkku Kuitunen, University of Jyväskylä, Dept. of Biological and Environmental Sciences

            Ecological impacts of transport infrastructureMårten Karlson, Royal insitute of TechnologyReview Paper [PDF]

            General aspects of EIA and SEA I

            Strategic Impact Assessments and Disasters: BuildiCharles Kelly, AON Benfield Hazard Research CentrePresentation [PDF]

            SEA Experiences in Ghana: Processes and LessonsEbenezer Appah-Sampong, Environmental Protection Agency

            A study of environmental indicators use in SEADavid Pereira, Universidad Poltécnica de Madrid

            SEA Tourism development model in the Baru IslandRODRIGO JILIBERTO, TAU

            Quintana Roo an Example of the EIA InefficiencyManuel Murad, Asescor Consultores S.A. de C.V.Review Paper [PDF]

            General aspects of EIA and SEA II

            Cumulative Effects Assessment at the National Energy Board of CanadKent Lien, National Energy BoardPresentation [PDF]Review Paper [PDF]

            Social Impacts of Recreation Resource DemandHobson Bryan, University of Alabama Department of Geography

            Expert Systems for EIA - Past, Present and FutureMark G. Hodges, Horne Engineering Services, LLC

            Is Quiet the New Loud? The Economic Value of QuietLiz Clarke, URS/Scott WilsonPresentation [PDF]

            General aspects of EIA and SEA III

            World Bank: SEA Case Studies from AfricaAlexandra Bezeredi, World Bank

            EIA of a canal: decision review for biodiversityAsha Rajvanshi, Wildlife Institute of India

            Tiering SEA & EIA in Dutch infrastructure practiceLuis Martins Dias, EIA/Transportation Centre, Rijkswaterstaat, Ministry of Infrastructure and Environment

            Impact of nature and cultural tourism in Tua ValeJoão Joanaz de Melo, Faculty of Science and Technology, Universidade Nova de Lisboa

            Perception of Env'tal offset as mitigation measureMmom Prince, University of Port Harcourt

            Impact of nature and cultural tourism in the Tua ValleyNot Listed, UnknownReview Paper [PDF]

            General aspects of EIA and SEA IV

            Environmental assessment: the new institutionIgnacio Toro, Servicio de Evaluación Ambiental

            Evaluating Pro-Project Bias in EIACarys Jones, University of ManchesterPresentation [PDF]

            The Mexican ConnectionCharlie Wolf, Social Impact Assessment Center

            Interdisciplinarity on complex SES in MexicoMarco Gutierrez Gonzalez, ITESO UniversityPresentation [PDF]

            General aspects of EIA and SEA V

            Developing IBIA: Legal and administrative issuesJohn Fry, UCD DublinReview Paper [PDF]

            Ecosystem Assessment: Survey and ApplicationsMyungjin Kim, National Institute of Environmental Research

            Several Activities for Ecosystem Impact AssessmentMyungjin Kim, National Institute of Environmental Research

            Payments for Ecosystem Services: Managing ImpactsLiz Clarke, URS/Scott Wilson

            General Topics I

            soil pollution issue in urban development projectLiu Wei, Tianjin Enviromental Impact Assessment CenterReview Paper [PDF]

            Environmental Permitting of a Used Oil RecyclingBenny Susi, Golder Associates IncPresentation [PDF]

            Forest Degradation and Restoration of North KoreaChong-Hwa Park, Seoul National UniversityPresentation [PDF]

            Design of indicators of pressure-state-response inHilario Martinez, Universidad Autónoma de TamaulipasPresentation [PDF]Review Paper [PDF]

            Integrating Ecosystem Services into EIAJulia Tims, Environmental Resources Management, Inc (ERM)

            General Topics II

            Global environmental problems and Local consumptionJaime Martinez-García, Economia - UASLPPresentation [PDF]

            Information for effective EIA follow-upSueli Harumi Kakinami, Walm Engineering and Environmental Technology Ltd. and University of São Paulo - USP.

            EIA scoping in Sao Paulo state, BrazilMarcelo Montaño, University of Sao Paulo

            The role of consultants in EIA process in MexicoEduardo Vadillo, Enlace Grupo de Consultoria, S. CPresentation [PDF]

            General Topics III

            Assessment Items Analysis for Eco-CorridorsHeonseok Yoo, Korea Environment Institute

            Assessing EIA system capacities in Central AmericaAnne Glucker, NCEA

            Perspectives on Project MonitoringDiane Brown, Overseas Private Investment Corporation

            Health in impact assessement

            Engagement and HIA.Case study from GuineaMark Divall, NewFields

            Mainstreaming HIV into EIAs for capital projectsBryony Walmsley, Southern African Institute for Environmental AssessmentPresentation [PDF]

            Integrating health and SEA into tertiary trainingJulia Nowacki, WHO Regional Office for Europe

            Human rights impact assessment

            Company human rights impact assessmentsDésirée Abrahams, International Business Leaders Forum

            Mainstreaming Human Rights in Impact AssessmentGillian MacNaughton, Northeastern University School of Law

            Are HRIAs the preferred approach to exercising DD?Aidan Davy, ICMM

            Human Rights Due Diligence: Extractives in LatAmMichael Auerbach, Control Risks

            Right to Health Impact Assessment of Trade RulesLisa Forman, University of Toronto

            Impact assessment and partnerships for local development

            Big Government or Localism - a new ethos for UK IARoss Marshall, Environment Agency of England & Wales

            Cradle to Cradle - Namibia's "Uranium Rush" SEAPeter Tarr, SAIEA

            Best Practices in Public Private PartnershipsJeanne Ellis, Cardno Emerging Markets USA, Ltd.

            Efficiency of applied Impact AssessmentGIUSEPPE PASQUETTI HERNÁNDEZ, GDT AMBIENTAL

            Impact assessment in the transport sector

            IA & Responsible National High Speed Rail ProjectJosh Lam, AECOM/HKIEIAReview Paper [PDF]

            Evaluating the environmental performance of highwawLuis Sánchez, University of São PauloReview Paper [PDF]

            Impacts of aircraft noise on city growthGilbert Koskela, City of VantaaReview Paper [PDF]


            Latin American focus on responsible development

            Sustainability and the New Quito AirportGraeme Smith, Corporación Quiport S.A.

            DEVELOPING A SUSTAINABLE ELECTRIC SYSTEM - MEXICOFrancisco Hernandez-Alvarez, Comisión Federal de Electricidad

            Social Responsibility and the Law of Unintended ConsequencesDG Mickey Steward, Minera y Metalurgica del Boleo

            Local governance and sharing of mining benefits

            Foundations as Tools for Sharing Mining BenefitsLiz Wall, Shared ResourcesReview Paper [PDF]

            Mining foundations and knowledge transferCaitlin McElroy, Oxford UniversityReview Paper [PDF]

            Indigenous Peoples, CSR and impact assessmentCássio Ingles de Sousa, Private consultantReview Paper [PDF]

            Local governance in a mining community in BrazilLuis Sanchez, University of São PauloPresentation [PDF]Review Paper [PDF]

            Overview of recent SEA development in Latin America I

            SEA of the Highway Ring Program of Sao Paulofrancisco fabbro neto, university of são pauloPresentation [PDF]

            Strengths and weaknesses of SEA in BrazilPriscila Oppermann, USPReview Paper [PDF]

            An overview of current practice of SEA in BrazilMarcelo Montaño, University of Sao Paulo

            Overview of recent SEA development in Latin America II


            EI Manifest: Decision taking or accompanimentNorma Fernandez Buces, Grupo SELOME SA de CVReview Paper [PDF]

            SEA legal Framework in Latin AmericaRodrigo Jiliberto, TAU

            Perspectives on development impact

            Impact Assessment for Aid Projects in VanuatuTe Kipa Kepa Brian Morgan, University of Auckland

            Challenges of Implementing OP 4.12 in TanzaniaDr Hussein Sosovele, University of Dar es Salaam

            Extractive industries and local developmentMelissa Wells, Cardno

            Due Diligence in Public Private PartnershipsJeanne Ellis, Cardno Emerging Markets USA, Ltd

            From Philanthropy to Strategic InvestmentLiz Wall, Shared Resources

            Public Participation and EA follow-up

            Monitoring, Prediction, Management of Noise on VECLouis E. LaPierre, Institute for Env'l Monitoring & Research

            EA follow-up in AfDB roads projects in CameroonBenjamin Tchoffo, African Centre for Applied Forestry Research and Development (CARFAD)

            Power, Contention, and Public Participation in EAJohn F Devlin, University of Guelph

            Stakeholder alliances: contested rural developmentKaren Buchanan, University of TwenteReview Paper [PDF]

            Public Participation, Value Conflict, and the Politics of Impact Assessment I

            Public participation and public hearing in IndiaNirmalya Choudhury, FG Landschaftsökonomie, TU BerlinPresentation [PDF]

            Modernizing and Strengthening Cree ParticipationKelly LeBlanc, Cree Regional AuthorityReview Paper [PDF]

            Politics and Rights; where does IA standSunrita Sarkar, ERM

            Public Participation as a means of ESIA processGrethel Villicaña, QVGA Environmental Consulting Firm

              Public Participation, Value Conflict, and the Politics of Impact Assessment II

              The role of NGOs in Hong Kong's EIA processCho Nam Ng, The University of Hong Kong

              Technical- legal scopes of the Public ConsultationARTURO PELAEZ, MICROAMBIENTAL CONSULTORES ASOCIADOS

              Scoping to PrioritizeAlan Ehrlich, Mackenze Valley Environmental Impact Review BoardReview Paper [PDF]

              Research for policy impact assessment: Examples from the Americas

              Integrated Impact Assessment using SIATStefan Sieber, ZALF e.V.

              Experience of the Social Development EvaluationPABLO YANES, EVALUA DF

              Legal and Guidance advances for SEA in BrazilMaria Partidario, IST-UTL

              Impact Assessment of ICT Policy in BrazilGiancarlo Stefanuto, University of Campinas Innovation Agency (INOVA)

              EVALUATION OF BIODIVERSITY RESEARCH PROGRAMCamila Zeitoum, University of CampinasReview Paper [PDF]

              Safeguarding healthy rivers and environmental flows through impact assessment

              Application of IHA-RVA to hydro projects under theMaria Antonieta Gomez Balandra, Mexican Institute for Water TechnologyPresentation [PDF]

              Institutional Arrangements for W-CEA in CanadaJania Chilima, University of SaskatchewanPresentation [PDF]

              PROPOSAL OF ENVIRONMENTAL FLOWS NATIONAL STANDARDJ. Eugenio Barrios-Ordoñez, World Wildlife FundPresentation [PDF]Review Paper [PDF]

              Integrating river conservation tools across scalesJeff Opperman, The Nature ConservancyPresentation [PDF]

              SEA & Sustainable Water & Coastal Management I

              Water and SEA in Antofagasta RegionJosé Adolfo Moreno Correa, Environmental Evaluation Service (SEA in spanish), Department of EnvironmentReview Paper [PDF]

              Reassessing the River Development Project in the CJong-Gwan Jung, Chungnam Development Institute(CDI0

              EIA and water management in Portugal: the water frPedro Bettencourt, NEMUS, Lda

              SEA & Sustainable Water & Coastal Management II

              Cancun Beach Nourishment Environmental EffectsCarlos Sanchez, Comisión Federal de ElectricidadReview Paper [PDF]

              Energy,Climate Change and Water Resources in NigerPrince Mmom, University of Port Harcourt

              The promotion of Green Infrastructure OutcomesRoss Marshall, Environment Agency of England & Wales

              SEA for agriculture, and agriculture, forestry and fisheries certification

              Agriculture Environmental Assessment, Yukon CanadaWilliam J Klassen, ConsultantReview Paper [PDF]

              SEA effectiveness, Zambia National Sugar StrategyJuan Palerm, Environmental consultantPresentation [PDF]

              The potential of SEA in the Common Agricultural PoCarlo Rega, Inter University Department for territorial studies and planning, Polytechnic University of TurinReview Paper [PDF]

              Social impact assessement in mining, oil and gas

              Social Impacts of Oil and Gas Industry DevelopmentMohammad Fazeli, University of Mazandaran

              SIA of the Malmberget Mine in SwedenCharlotta Faith-Ell, WSP Civils

              An Artisanal Mining Environmental Code of PracticeMorgan Hauptfleisch, Southern African Institute for Environmental Assessment

              Social Impact Assessment in a Context of ConflictKathryn Tomlinson, Independent ConsultantReview Paper [PDF]

              Social media and public participation in IA

              1st step to access HIA information in ThailandKhanitta Seaiew, National Health Commission Office (NHCO)

              The Risks of Ignoring Social MediaGwen Brice, SENES Consultants Ltd.

              Stakeholder networks and impact assessment

              Stakeholder Networks and Impact AssessmentRobert Boutilier, Boutilier & Associates

              Making stakeholder networks visibleKimmo Jalava, University of JyväskyläReview Paper [PDF]

              Iranian Social impact assessors and responsible defardin alikhah, Guilan universityPresentation [PDF]Review Paper [PDF]

              Do you know who I am?Ilse Aucamp, PtersaPresentation [PDF]

              State of the art of sustainability planning and assessment I

              Vulnerability Maps: An useful tool for ESIA.Emiliano Azcona, ERMReview Paper [PDF]

              EIA contributions to sustainabilityAna Cravo, Instituto Superior TécnicoPresentation [PDF]Review Paper [PDF]

              Sustainability assessment of sugarcane ethanolTadeu Fabrício Malheiros, University of São PauloReview Paper [PDF]

              Assessing Significance of ImpactsClaire Gronow, GHDPresentation [PDF]

              State of the art of sustainability planning and assessment II

              Impact Assessment for Sustainable Urban PlanningAinhoa Gonzalez, Trinity College Dublin (TCD)Review Paper [PDF]

              Responsible hydropower development approachRisa Morimoto, Toulouse Business School

              Ecosystem approach in the EIA of Paso de Reyna DamMartin Quijano, QVGA

              Strategic approaches to mine development

              Mine Design and Environmental AssessmentAlvaro Paredes, Consultant Peru S.A.Presentation [PDF]

              Coordinating the Uranium Rush - the role of SEABryony Walmsley, Southern African Institute for Environmental AssessmentPresentation [PDF]

              The SEA of reclamation of post-mining landscapeMiroslav Martis, Czech University of Life Sciences in Prague, Faculty of Environmental Sciences

              EIA and Permitting Master Plan in Mining ProjectsMartha Ly, Golder Associates Perú S.A.

              Strategic environmental assessment and climate change I

              Climate Change and urban SEA in ChinaHe Xu, SEA Center, Nankai UniversityPresentation [PDF]

              Shaping a Sustainability Strategy for the ArcticJuan Azcárate, Environmental Management and Assessment Research Group, Royal Institute of TechnologyPresentation [PDF]Review Paper [PDF]

              SEA of Spanish river basin plans & climate changeJuan José Rodríguez, AIAconsult Ltd.Presentation [PDF]

              SEA of the dominican National Energy PlanRodrigo Jiliberto, TAU

              Climate Considerations and Adaptation IndicatorsHope Herron, Tetra Tech, Inc.Presentation [PDF]Review Paper [PDF]

              Strategic environmental assessment and climate change II

              Use of SEA for developing Green, Low Carbon CityFoon Tung Chan, Department of Geography and Resource Management, the Chinese University of Hong KongPresentation [PDF]

              Study on Climate effect of Urbanization Strategylijun ren, shandong universityPresentation [PDF]

              Role of SEA in the Changing Institution of ChinaKin Che Lam, Centre of SEA for China, The Chinese University of Hong KongPresentation [PDF]Review Paper [PDF]

              Assessing hydrological impacts of climate changeYongqin CHEN, The Chinese University of Hong KongPresentation [PDF]

              Strategic environmental assessment and public participation I

              Public participation in policy SEAFernando Loayza, World Bank

              What Does Good Public Consultation Mean for SEAXiaoxin Shi, The World BankReview Paper [PDF]

              Testing institutions centered approaches to SEAAnders Ekbom, University of Gothenburg

              Public participation in SEA - where is it?Delia Gorgos, JaspersPresentation [PDF]

              Strategic environmental assessment and public participation II

              Wind Farms and Public ParticipationMaria de Lourdes Vazquez Rascon, UQAR/UQAM

              Using MCDA to plan for the SEA of the KonkouréJean-Philippe Waaub, GEIGER/UQAM

              SEA in Aboriginal Adaptive Co-Management in CanadaJean-Philippe Waaub, GEIGER, UQAM

              Sustainable practices applicable to renewable energy

              Mutual Responsibilities: Renewable Energy PlanningKANLAYA NAKLUNGKA, HEALTHY PUBLIC POLICY FOUNDATION

              Best Practices in Small Hydro DevelopmentMatt Hammond, Pottinger Gaherty Environmental Consultants Ltd. (PGL)Review Paper [PDF]

              ESIAs to diversify CEMEX's fuel supply in the UKSusan Evans, Golder Associates (UK) Ltd

              Sustainable public participation over time

              Public Participation in EIA: New ChallengesJuan Pablo Armisen, Environmental Assessmen Service Of ChileReview Paper [PDF]

              Hydro-Quebec strategies for social acceptabilityBenoit Gagnon, Hydro-Quebec

              trust in times of uncertaintyrita sully, western power


              The power of peer pressure: Tools for benchmarking IA systems (cs)

              Developing an evaluation tool: EIA-climate changeVong Sok, PhD candidate at University Western AustraliaPresentation [PDF]

              Organizational Learning in EIA Agencies in QuebecLuis Sánchez, University of São PauloPresentation [PDF]Review Paper [PDF]

              Using SIA to restore and enhance livelihoods

              THE GAS TO ELECTRICITY PROJECT: AN EFFECTIVE ESIABeatrice Mchome, East Africa Resource Group

              Managing Social Impact in E&P ProjectsADEBANJI ADEKOYA, SHELL

              Going beyond impact assessmentIlse Aucamp, Ptersa

              Social capital, resilience and livelihoods in SIANick Taylor, Taylor Baines and Associates


              Agreements between companies and communities (workshop)
              Ask the Experts: Foundations of Impact Assessment

              How can it help in resolving conflict?Asadullah Faiz, Pakistan Environmental Protection AgencyReview Paper [PDF]

              Climate change and impact assessment: Available guidance for practitioners

              Integrating climate change into project based EIAVong Sok, PhD candidate at University of Western AusraliaPresentation [PDF]

              Guidance on integrating climate change in IARob Verheem, Netherlands Commission for Environmental assessment

              Ecosystem services in environmental impact assessments: A practical guide
              EIA mapping workshop

              EIA mapping: Identifing priorities for pakistanAhmad Saeed, IUCN

              EIA mapping: How does it work?Bobbi Schijf, Netherlands Commission for Environmental AssessmentPresentation [PDF]

              Governance determines environmental practices

              Session Chair Report

              Infrastructure Development's Empowerment Impact.Herman Gribble, Western Cape:Expanded Public Works ProgrammePresentation [PDF]

              Session Chair Report

              Local Economy and the Global EnvironmentJaime Martinez-Garcia, Economía - UASLPPresentation [PDF]

              Session Chair Report

              Evolution of the Environmental Audit in MexicoPedro Murad, Asescor, Consultores, S.A. de C.V.Review Paper [PDF]

              Session Chair Report

              ICA, sustainability as a competitive advantageAna Paula Fernández Del Castillo, ICA

              How can we make the oil and gas industry environmentally responsible?
              Improved access to biodiversity data for, and from, EIAs using GBIF
              Mexican perspectives on sustainable infrastructure

              Sustainable InfrastructureJESUS GONZALEZ, KPMG CARDENAS DOSAL, S.C.

              Sustainable development in the cement sectorLaura Pardo, CEMEX

              Sustainable urban planning and housingCarlos Garciavelez, Garciavelez Arquitectos

              Modelling biodiversity strengthens SEA and land use planning

              Supporting decision-making: A case studySelwyn Willoughby, South African National Biodiversity Institute

              Developing IBIA: data limitations on GIS supportAinhoa Gonzalez, Trinity College DublinReview Paper [PDF]

              Landscape level ecological impact assessmentUlla Mörtberg, Environmental Management and Assessment Research Group, Royal Institute of Technology

              Evaluation Model for Conservation Plan in KoreaChangwan Seo, University of Seoul

              Modelling biodiversity strengthens SEA and land usWilbert van Rooij, Aidenvironment / PBLPresentation [PDF]Review Paper [PDF]

              Negotiating impact assessment with oil and gas companies - role playing
              Resilience thinking in SEA: A follow up discussion.

              Applying Resilience ThinkingOrlando Venn, Treweek Environmental Consultants

              Resilience in the SEA of a connectivity strategyHeikki Kalle, Hendrikson & KoReview Paper [PDF]

              Sustainability Planning, Assessment and ManagementJenny Pope, Integral Sustainability

              Spanish-talking IA Network meeting / Reunión RHEA-Red Hispanohablante de EA
              Submitting papers to IAPA: An interactive workshop
              Transboundary EIA: A Latin American approach?

              Reform of Australia's Offshore Oil and Gas SectorSimon Marsden, Law School, Flinders UniversityPresentation [PDF]Review Paper [PDF]

              The Environment, NAFTA, and TEIA in North AmericaBill Kennedy, McGill University

              Effective Implementation of the Espoo ConventionMARI KOYANO, Hokkaido University


              A visit to the Orphanage of Impact Assessment
                Development induced displacement and resettlement

                Conservation-induced Displacement-India ExperienceVinod Mathur, Wildlife Institute of India

                Resettlement in Action: Mali Alatona IrrigationCharlotte Bingham, Milllennium Challenge CorporationPresentation [PDF]

                Megaprojects and Forced Displacement in MexicoCarlos Dominguez, Instituto MoraReview Paper [PDF]

                Gender impact assessment: between benefits, betterment and betrayal

                Gender within an integrated IA FrameworkArn Thorben Sauer, Humboldt University Berlin

                Gender as determinant of health in HIAFrancesca Viliani, International SOSReview Paper [PDF]

                Gender and diversity in policy impact assessmentAranka Podhora Podhora, Leibniz-Centre for Agricultural Landscape

                The influence of governance on environmental assessment I

                Governance and IA effectiveness: Canada and MexicoAngeles Mendoza Sammet, University of Calgary

                Is EA promoting effective environmental governanceNigel Rossouw, Trans Caledon Tunnel Authority

                25years Netherlands' EIA; discourses on governanceJos Arts, Ministry Infrastructure & Environment (Rijkswaterstaat)

                The influence of governance on environmental assessment II

                Contextualizing Policy SEA in Developing CountriesAnders Ekbom, University of Gothenburg

                Governance and EIA Implementation in NigeriaAbisoye Odejide, Raw Materials Research and Development CouncilPresentation [PDF]

                SEA as a Framework to Address Small Projects?Jill Gunn, University of Saskatchewan

                Entailment of the EIA with the public costEduardo Rubio, Asescor Consultores S.A. de C.V.Review Paper [PDF]

                The influence of governance on IA effectiveness I
                The influence of governance on IA effectiveness II