Symposium Theme

IAIA Special Symposium
Sustainable Mega-Infrastructure
and Impact Assessment

Hotel Riu Plaza Panama, Panama City, Panama
1-3 December 2015

We are in the midst of an infrastructure boom, unprecedented in human history, that is forever changing the face of our planet. Natural and social environments are facing extraordinary challenges due to population growth and the increasing human needs associated with economic growth. IAIA’s symposium will explore these challenges through the lens of mega-infrastructure projects. It will focus on “sustainable infrastructure”— what are the principles and criteria needed for effective project design, planning and implementation, and how impact assessment can be a critical process in making mega infrastructure projects more sustainable.

Using numerous case studies, the symposium will provide a knowledge-sharing platform for a diverse multi-sectoral group of professionals involved in many different types of mega-infrastructure projects. The symposium will aim to change the perception of, and dialogue around, sustainable mega infrastructure to embrace those opportunities that enhance economic, social, environmental and sustainability outcomes and a new way of doing business.

Important Dates

  • July 2015
    Preliminary program available

  • August 2015
    Online registration opens

  • November 2015
    Final program available

  • 1-3 December 2015
    Symposium, including Panama Canal visit

  • 4-5 December 2015
    Post-symposium training courses (to be announced)




This symposium will be held in Spanish and English, with simultaneous translation provided for the plenary sessions and 2 of 3 technical session rooms. The other technical session room will be in Spanish only.

Sustainable Infrastructure Topics

  • Sustainable construction practices
  • Role of government
  • Managing lender risk
  • Integrated cross-sector planning including biodiversity, ecosystem services and landscape conservation planning
  • Environmental and social monitoring and follow-up
  • Cultural heritage management
  • Managing complexity in design, construction and operations
  • Stakeholder engagement and consultation
  • New tools and approaches for effective impact assessment and management
  • Cumulative effects and secondary impacts
  • Climate change adaptation and risk management

Local Host and Organizer

Program Committee

  • Roberto Roca, Chair
    Jill Baker
    Francisco Dallmeier
    Ernesto Monter
    Juan Quintero
    Miles Scott-Brown
    Graham Watkins

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About IAIA

IAIA is the International Association for Impact Assessment, organized in 1980 to bring together researchers, practitioners, and users of various types of impact assessment from all parts of the world. IAIA involves people from many disciplines and professions. Our members include corporate planners and managers, public interest advocates, government planners and administrators, private consultants and policy analysts, university and college teachers and their students. IAIA has members from over 120 nations.

For 35 years IAIA has been holding annual conference events all over the world to promote best practices in impact assessment.