IAIA20 Submitted Paper & Presentation Abstracts

Following is a list of IAIA20 Annual Conference paper & presentation abstracts.

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  • A comparison of SIA between company and community in the amazon region


    Abstract ID# 741

    Presenting Author: Jacques  Demajorovic

    Preferred Session: Conflict or agreement: Role of impact assessment in managing conflicts

    Summary Statement: Results of a SIA undertaken in the Amazonian region on the world greatest iron mine are showed to compare perceptions of the social impacts between the company and community views.


  • Anticipating Risks Of A Mega Project Completion: Demobilisation of Workers


    Abstract ID# 733

    Presenting Author: Siang Choon  Foo

    Preferred Session: Disaster, conflict and crisis: Are impacts being Identified?

    Summary Statement: As a mega project approaching completion, it is crucial to manage the demobilisation workers from site to avoid negative impacts before it occur.


  • Biodiversity Offsets - European Perspectives and Developments


    Abstract ID# 740

    Presenting Author: Wolfgang  Wende

    Preferred Session: Smartening biodiversity offsets: Opportunities in technology and governance

    Summary Statement: This presentation offers insights into current debates on biodiversity offsets policies at the EU level, with outlining theoretical/practical principles and the latest political development.


  • Can one Decision Support System be used internationally, across sectors?


    Abstract ID# 736

    Presenting Author: Jemma  Lonsdale

    Preferred Session: General best practice principles for impact assessment

    Summary Statement: There is no need to reinvent the wheel for environmental impact assessments, the principles are the same the world over: here we bring these together in one place for practitioners and decis


  • Challenges in the practice of CIA within lender institutions


    Abstract ID# 737

    Presenting Author: JUAN CARLOS  PAEZ

    Preferred Session: Impactos acumulativos en Iberoamerica: lecciones aprendidas (CONEIA – Spanish submissions only)

    Summary Statement: The panel will bring experiences of CIA in Latin America and the Caribbean.


  • Harmonizing EIA policies for cross border projects in the SADC region


    Abstract ID# 743

    Presenting Author: Benjamin   Ofosu-Koranteng

    Preferred Session: Transboundary ESIA: New frontiers beyond the national borders

    Summary Statement: The presentation will review gaps and opportunities in existing ESIA legislations for Zambia and Botswana as well as practical lessons from the Kazungula Bridge project


  • Indigenous Co-Developed Sustainability Criteria in the Ring of Fire


    Abstract ID# 734

    Presenting Author: Cole  Atlin

    Preferred Session: Integrating Indigenous rights and knowledges into impact assessment

    Summary Statement: Researchers and members from Eabametoong First Nation collaboratively developed sustainability criteria for assessments in the proposed mining developments in their traditional territory.


  • Land Acquisition Impact Assessment and Management


    Abstract ID# 732

    Presenting Author: Kenji  Ogura

    Preferred Session: Asian S3EA: Strategic, spatial and sustainable EA

    Summary Statement: The Land Acquisition Impact Assessment and Management (LAIAM) has been introduced as a social impact assessment in Japan. This paper discusses how LAIAM works by effectively using GIS.


  • LPA in the social impact of hydropower dams on Mekong fishing villages


    Abstract ID# 742

    Presenting Author: John  Pilgrim

    Preferred Session: Connecting IA, monitoring, and evaluation through adaptive planning

    Summary Statement: LPA permits the retention of household livelihoods systems of fishing villages affected by hydropower development and their inclusion in sustainable development.


  • Potential Trends & Emerging Tools of Social Management and Monitoring Plan


    Abstract ID# 744

    Presenting Author: Fazriz  Fadzil

    Preferred Session: Stopped on social impacts: How can SIA contribute to balanced decisions?

    Summary Statement: Governance & Policy, Financial Analysis or Technology Implementation to support Social Management and Monitoring Plan in Malaysia