Sustainable conferences


Does IAIA practice what it preaches? Yes, and more so every year. IAIA takes the following steps (as practical and possible) to mitigate the impacts of our conferences:

  • Limit printed materials; communicate via e-mail and web to the extent practical and possible
  • Contract with venues that participate in green programs (e.g., hotels that provide a linen and towel reuse program)
  • Use bulk servings and pitchers rather than individual bottles; use china and silverware rather than disposables
  • Provide recycling bins for discarded materials
  • Ask delegates to confirm their attendance at events and functions to reduce waste and leftovers
  • Encourage delegates to purchase carbon-offset credits for their flights
  • Encourage delegates to return name badge holders
  • Prepare a sustainable event report

IAIA continues to strongly support the need to reduce the carbon footprint around our conferences.

To this end, the global carbon footprint of the conference will be calculated and US$5 from every conference registration for this amount of CO2 will be applied to the plantation of endemic species in high biodiversity areas in Andalusia.

Travel Green

IAIA encourages conference delegates to travel green! Here are some suggestions to help you get started:

Inclusion of programs or organizations on this list does not represent an endorsement by IAIA.


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