Impact Assessment for Social and Economic Development
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8-11 April 2014

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Important Dates

June 2013
Session proposal submission opens

September 2013
10 Deadline for session proposals
20 Session reviews completed; session chairs notified of acceptance status
15 Deadline for training course proposals

October 2013
15 Paper and poster abstract submission opens

December 2013
6 Deadline for paper and poster abstract submissions
9 Conference registration opens

January 2014
17 Abstract reviews completed: authors notified of acceptance status
31 Registration deadline for session chairs and all presenters and speakers
31 Early Bird Registration Closes

February 2014
14 Draft papers (optional) due
15 Technical visit and training course registrations deadline

March 2014
7 All presenters provided final information and instructions
19 Pre-registration closes
22 Final program posted online

June 2014
15 Final papers (optional) due

Abstract Submission Guidelines, Policies, and Tips

To ensure a smooth submission and follow-up process, please note the following guidelines, policies, and tips.
You may wish to print and/or save this page for reference.
Paper and poster presenters are required to check the bottom of this form confirming that they have read and understand this information before continuing the submission process.
Presenting Author
Please ensure that the person who will be making the presentation at the conference (hereinafter referred to as "you") is listed as the "Presenting Author." Do not submit abstracts on behalf of someone else. If it is absolutely necessary, be sure to enter the other person as the presenting author. This ensures that the submission record is correct and the person making the presentation receives important conference communications.

Number of Submissions
Submissions are limited to two by the same presenting author. The trend for individuals to be in involved in four or more sessions has made scheduling increasingly difficult in the past few years, and in some cases overlap of presentations/chairing has been impossible to avoid. Additionally, feedback from previous conferences has indicated that delegates prefer fewer, higher-quality presentations, and more Q&A following presentations. Please review the substitution policy in your confirmation of abstract receipt. Last-minute changing of presenting authors is not permitted, and any substitute may not already be presenting more than one time (for two presentations maximum).

Confirmation of Submission
Upon successful submission of your abstract, you will receive an immediate online confirmation notice followed by an e-mail notice. If you do not receive these messages, do not assume your proposal has been submitted. Please try again, or contact Carlos (webmaster@iaia.org) for assistance if you are having difficulty. The deadline for abstract submissions is 6 December, and it is your responsibility to address questions about submissions before 6 December, so that if there is a problem, we can still help you make the submission on time. Be sure to print and/or save the confirmation of submission notices for reference in case of a problem or question.

Notification of Acceptance Status
You will receive an e-mail from an IAIA14 program committee member or your session chair regarding your abstract's acceptance status between 11-17 January 2014. Be sure to print and/or save your acceptance notification for reference in case of a problem or question. The 17 January date is subject to change depending on the number of submissions received; please check the IAIA14 web site for updates.

Notification of Presentation Time
From 4-28 February 2014, session chairs and the program committee will be working on organizing presentations and sessions into an overall technical program. Your session chair will be contacting you between 3-7 March to provide you with the schedule, including the date and time of your presentation and final instructions. Be sure to print and/or save this message for reference in case of a problem or question. If you have not received an e-mail from your session chair with this information by 7 March, please notify jen@iaia.org with your name and submission ID number. Due to the very large number of presentations and sessions, please note that accommodating individual schedules or specific dates of presentation is not possible.

The primary language of the conference is English, and your submission should be submitted in English. However, the conference will include a number of sessions in Spanish; your session chair will contact you regarding that possibility.

Registration, Funding and Visas
Please submit your abstract only if you have a budget to attend the conference or are very likely to have funding available by the registration deadline. You are responsible for arranging your own funding; IAIA does not have funds available to pay registration or travel expenses. You are encouraged to begin planning for funding and visa arrangements now, as the processes can sometimes take several months.
Please note that presenting authors are required to register and pay fees by 31 January 2014. At that time, your presentation will be dropped from the program if you are not yet registered with fees paid in full. If you have extenuating circumstances which would require later registration and/or payment, it is your responsibility to contact jen@iaia.org to make arrangements prior to 31 January.

Substitutions for presenting authors may be made in writing to jen@iaia.org until 31 January. The substitute must be registered for the conference at the time of the substitution. The substitute will be listed as the presenting author in conference materials.

Optional 5-Page Paper
You are encouraged to prepare a paper for review. A designated review coordinator (Loreley Fortuny, IAIA HQ) will arrange for two independent reviews. Papers deemed acceptable by this process will be included in the conference proceedings on the IAIA website. If you submit a paper for review, you and/or your co-authors will be asked to conduct a review as well.
Papers must be no longer than five pages in length or 2,000 words, of which a minimum of 1,200 words must be written in English and the remaining 800 words may be done in the language of your choice. References are additional, which may bring the total page limit to 6 pages; this limit is strictly applied. Papers should be no more than 1 MB in size (to minimize e-mailing problems), prepared in Word with the file name in this format: Abstract submission ID number_Primary author's family name_First Four Words of Title, and sent to impact@iaia.org by 15 February. Reviews will be completed and comments sent back to you after 15 March. Revisions, if applicable, will be due 15 June. Please note that you must be registered, with fees paid, by 31 January in order to have your paper published in the online proceedings.
Draft papers are posted online before the conference to inform preparations for on-site discussions and feedback to authors. The final versions, incorporating any feedback received, are posted online following the conference and comprise the majority of the proceedings. Please do not hesitate to request guidance regarding the paper submission and review process from Loreley (impact@iaia.org).

IAIA conferences are quickly growing larger; one way to ensure efficient, fair, and professional management is to follow planning guidelines carefully. Therefore, IAIA will be making a concerted effort to enforce all conference deadlines. Please mark your calendar with important conference dates and plan so that your activities take place before deadlines to avoid unforeseen or unavoidable delays in your schedule, as well as technical overloads or human error caused by last-minute "traffic jams."

Publication Notice
IAIA reserves first publication rights on all conference materials. A release from IAIA must be obtained by conference participants who wish to publish elsewhere.

Contact Information

Please add "@iaia.org" to your list of safe senders. This will allow all communications from IAIA to reach you.