Impact Assessment for Social and Economic Development
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8-11 April 2014

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Important Dates

June 2013
Session proposal submission opens

September 2013
10 Deadline for session proposals
20 Session reviews completed; session chairs notified of acceptance status
15 Deadline for training course proposals

October 2013
15 Paper and poster abstract submission opens

December 2013
6 Deadline for paper and poster abstract submissions
9 Conference registration opens

January 2014
17 Abstract reviews completed: authors notified of acceptance status
31 Registration deadline for session chairs and all presenters and speakers
31 Early Bird Registration Closes

February 2014
14 Draft papers (optional) due
15 Technical visit and training course registrations deadline

March 2014
7 All presenters provided final information and instructions
19 Pre-registration closes
22 Final program posted online

June 2014
15 Final papers (optional) due

Why Should You Attend IAIA14?

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Where else can you gather to hear perspectives in impact assessment from 80+ nations – all in one place? 

IAIA14 is an opportunity not to be missed. Be prepared for some out-of-the-box thinking, applying solutions developed across the world to your little corner of it.  Because impact assessment is such a dynamic field, you are sure to learn something new at every IAIA conference.

97% of IAIA13 delegates would recommend future IAIA conferences to colleagues

Who participates in IAIA conferences?
How will you benefit?
What did IAIA13 delegates say about last year's conference?
What makes IAIA conferences special?




Who participates in IAIA conferences?

One of the strengths of IAIA conferences is its diversity in participants from different sectors.  IAIA conferences draw people from consultancies, government, inter-governmental organizations, industry, universities, research institutes, donor agencies, development banks, and NGOs.

Who Participates in IAIA Conferences?


How will you benefit?



If you pay the non-member conference rate, you automatically receive one year of IAIA membership.  What does that include?


What did IAIA13 delegates say about last year's conference?

Here is what some delegates who attended IAIA's 2013 annual conference thought was the most valuable aspect of the conference for them and their work in impact assessment:


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  • Very wide and cross disciplinary; touched on inter-relationships between the various impact assessments.
  • Hearing about other aspects of impact assessments that we are not usually exposed to (SEAs, cumulative IAs, etc.).
  • Hearing the different approaches being used globally to address similar issues I'm facing in my own work.
  • Communication of key issues in my work areas and being able to present and discuss it with others who I wouldn't normally come into contact with in my field of work.
  • Meeting clients. I sometimes manage to negotiate new contracts at the IAIA conferences.
  • The opportunity to meet people that are working on cutting edge topics.
  • For me such a conference is a success if I get around 5 new ideas that I can apply or further elaborate. IAIA13 certainly fulfilled that objective.
  • Meeting a diversity of people interesting in different topics, but having impact assessment as a common base.
  • I normally don't work directly in the field of IA, but I found the scope of what is being done for IAs globally to be very interesting and worthwhile.
  • Opportunity to meet leading scholars in my field and to get diverse views on my research.


What makes IAIA conferences special?

Delegates who attended IAIA13 were asked what sets IAIA conferences apart from other conferences they attend.  Here is a sampling of their responses:


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  • The participation of so many delegates from developing countries.
  • A good mix of academic and professional presentations and attendees.
  • It bridges the gap between environmental and social sciences on the one hand, and policy, regulations, and operations on the other. It emphasizes the connection between what we are doing to disintegrate the planet and ecosystems, and what we must do to maintain economic prosperity and societal progress.
  • Variety of topics and really new stuff--ecosystem services, human rights, FPIC.
  • It offers real and practical approaches to environmental related cases from practitioners all over the world with wide range of knowledge and experience.
  • The energy of the conference - people want to be there.
  • Puts lots of effort to interaction outside sessions. This is excellent!
  • The exchange of ideas is unparalleled.
  • That it is really specific to the impact assessment methodology and techniques. It is the only conference I've attended that addresses so specifically EA best practices.
  • It's the only international conference that focuses solely on IA.
  • The conference is oriented towards practitioners, not activists, and reflects that we are all trying to make a living out of this profession.
  • In my opinion, I think it's because of the various activities we can do in ONE conference. The technical visits, the receptions, banquet, dine outs, etc. And of course, because of the warmth of the crew who is responsible for the IAIA conference. Truly a good teamwork.


Download theWhy Should You Attend PDF