Annual Conference Frequently Asked Questions

 Q. How do I submit an abstract?
Answer: You can submit your abstract by visiting the IAIA17 Conference home page and clicking on Submissions > Submit an Abstract.

Q. Am I able to submit an abstract without first agreeing to the abstract submission guidelines and policies?
Answer: No. Any delegate who is interested in submitting an abstract to IAIA17 must first agree to the abstract submission Guidelines and Policies.

Q. What is the "Abstract User Name" and why do I need it?
Answer: The Abstract User Name is a unique identifier that you create which, together with the abstract password that you create, will allow you to access your abstract submission to make necessary modifications or edits. Changes are accepted through 31 October 2016.

Q. I am having trouble with the "Abstract Password" field. What can I do?
Answer: The abstract password field requires a minimum of 6 characters with no spaces and a maximum of 12 characters with no spaces. We encourage you to use strong passwords and avoid known security violation passwords such as Password1, your name or organization name, or your pet's name. Additional Tip: Substitute your vowels with numbers to help improve the security of your password.

Q. Why do I have to confirm the "Abstract Password"?
Answer: The abstract password confirmation is important because you will need this password to access your submitted abstract to make changes to your entry if necessary, edit coauthor or presenting author information, or view the Pending, Approved or other status of your abstract.

Q. I want to change the session that I selected. How do I do that?
Answer: If you need to make any changes to your submission, access your abstract by clicking the Login link included in the email confirmation message you received when you submitted your abstract. Once there, simply modify any information as needed and click on the “Update” button at the bottom of the page. The screen will refresh and your new information will now be visible on this page and updated throughout the IAIA17 website. Please note that you are able to modify your submission through 31 October 2016.   


Q. How do I submit my abstract to an "Invitation- Only Session"?
Answer: To submit an abstract to an invitation-only session, you would have had to receive the invitation and instructions from chair of that session.


Q. I can’t submit my form. What may be the problem?
Answer: The abstract submission form has a series of mandatory (required) fields. These fields are accented by a RED asterisk (*). If any mandatory field is empty, the form will not be accepted.

Q. I didn't receive my confirmation message. How can I verify that my submission was processed?
Answer: Please check your junk mail or spam folder if you did not receive the automated confirmation message. IAIA strongly recommends that you add and to your contact list and safe senders list to ensure that you receive all of our email correspondence without interruption. You are also able to verify that your submission was processed by visiting the Proposed Abstracts page on the IAIA17 web site. 

Q. Why does my abstract title get cut off?
Answer: Because it is too long. Your title is restricted to 75 characters, including spaces. If your title is cut off, please enter a shorter title.

Q. Am I able to copy and paste from Microsoft Word into the submission form?
Answer: Yes, it is important and to your benefit, however, to clear all of the formatting of the text prior to copying it from Microsoft Word. This will ensure that all extra spaces and source formatting will not take up additional characters in your form field. This will also allow your entry to be presented in a neat and clean way to the reviewer, helping improve your chances of acceptance as well as speeding up the review process.

Q. Are there any special instructions that should be followed with the “Abstract” form field?
Answer: This information will be used by the Session Chair to evaluate your abstract. Abstracts are limited to 1,000 characters including spaces. Characters and spaces over 1,000 will automatically be cut off, so be sure your abstract is not too long.    

Q. What are the special instructions for the “Abstract Summary Statement” form field?
Answer: This information will be used in the final program. The summary statement is limited to 30 words (approximately 200 characters including spaces). Words over 30 will automatically be cut off, so be sure your summary statement is not too long.

Q. What are the special instructions for the “Presenting Author's Bio” form field?
Answer: The session chair will use this information to introduce you to the audience. The bio is limited to 30 words (approximately 200 characters including spaces). Words over 30 will automatically be cut off, so be sure your bio is not too long.

Q. We don't have a confirmed presenting author at this time. Am I able to submit my abstract without this information?
Answer: No. All of the presenting author information fields are mandatory. The presenting author's email address is of additional importance because this is the address that will receive confirmation messages as well as any other conference or session related emails that may affect the submitted abstract. If you absolutely must submit your abstract with a temporary presenting author, you are able to change the name and contact information for the presenting author through 31 October 2016 logging in to your abstract submission with the link that you received in the e-mail confirming the submission. It is important to note that abstracts with placeholder information in the presenting author fields after 31 October 2016 are subject to being disqualified.

Q. I can't find an answer to my issue. How can I get help?
Answer: Please contact us by completing the form below.

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