Conference Theme

IAIA17: Impact Assessment’s Contribution to the Global Efforts in Addressing Climate Change
Le Centre Sheraton Montréal Hôtel
Montréal, Canada
4-7 April 2017

Climate change represents a key challenge to the sustainability of global ecosystems and human prosperity in the 21st century.  Climate change goes beyond project impacts, as it affects many diverse global issues:  from water, food, and energy security to impacts on human rights and vulnerable peoples. Global climate change raises important questions of international and intergenerational justice. 

IA science and practice are strongly challenged by climate change. IA will contribute to ensuring that future development outcomes are not jeopardized by present-day decisions, and to identifying resilient adaptation measures to reduce and manage the adverse effects of climate change.

Using our skills to adapt or mitigate the adverse effects of climate change is one of the greatest challenges we face as professionals and citizens. You are invited to join IAIA in Montréal to share information, best practices, success stories, innovations, and lessons learned with delegates from all over the world.

Conference Topics

  • Integration of climate change in EIA, SEA, environmental and social management plans, and regional and project planning

  • Revised IA baselines integrating climate change data, uncertainties, and impacts

  • Adaptation and resilience from developed and developing countries

  • Climate finance and risk management

  • Major infrastructures adaptation measures and risk assessment

  • Capacity building transfer and communication about climate change to decision makers and different stakeholders

  • Climate change impact on policies, legislation, regulations, and “climate justice”

  • Climate change compensation and reduction/carbon capture and storage, market, and pricing

  • IAIA’s role in “climate smart(er)” impact assessment and the future

  • Climate change, extreme events, and impact assessment

General Impact Assessment Topics

  • Agriculture, forestry and fisheries
  • Mining and other large industries
  • Transportation infrastructure
  • Biodiversity and ecology
  • Corporate stewardship and risk management
  • Cultural heritage
  • Disaster and conflict
  • Energy:  Oil, gas, renewable fuels, power generation, and transmission
  • Governance and regulations
  • Health impact assessment (HIA)
  • Impact assessment law and policies
  • Indigenous Peoples
  • Gender relations and environmental impact assessment
  • Public participation
  • Socioeconomic impact assessment
  • Strategic environmental assessment (SEA)
  • Large-scale territorial developments and assessment
  • Cumulative effects assessment (CEA)
  • Environmental and Social Management Plan (ESMP)
  • Capacity building in EIA
  • Social impact assessment (SIA)

Local Host and Organizer

  • The Association québécoise pour l'Évaluation d'Impacts (AQÉI) is honored to host the 2017 IAIA conference in Montréal. AQEI is comprised of 275 members from different sectors (private, government, non-profit organization, university), many of them working around the world in impact assessment. AQEI’s objectives are to gather all individuals, professional or non-professional, generally interested in impact assessment in view of:

    • Exchanging information on experiences and problems encountered
    • Raising the professional standards of impacts assessment
    • Broadening and improving the use of impact assessment
    • Establishing links, cooperation, and exchanges with Canadian and international associations that share similar objectives


Join over 1000 delegates from 80+ nations at the only international, interdisciplinary conference dedicated to the art and science of impact assessment.

Check out what last year's delegates had to say:

  • "It's the most relevant and complete conference of its kind."
  • 95% would recommend future IAIA conferences to colleagues
  • 89% met at least one person they planned to contact after the event
  • 87% acquired significant new information, knowledge, or techniques applicable to their work



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