Resettlement Planning and Impact Assessment: Achieving the Intended Outcomes | 2 days (6-7 May)




Many large-scale projects trigger the requirement to resettle households, and while there is plentiful experience in the planning of resettlement, there is considerably less experience in the successful delivery of a resettlement project which sustainably meets the goals of improved standards of living and restored livelihoods. This training course draws on global experience across a range of industries to identify the primary challenges faced when seeking to meet these objectives, and the commitments established in impact assessments, how to work with affected households to overcome these challenges and how to assess whether these outcomes have been achieved post resettlement. It draws heavily upon the more than 40 years combined experience of the two trainers, and provides opportunities for participants to share the challenges they are experiencing in a collaborative environment to draw lessons from the experience held within the room.  While the trainers have much to share, they also see their role as facilitators of a conversation and nurturers of a network of resettlement specialists which will endure beyond the course.

This two-day advanced course in Resettlement Planning and Impact Assessment: Achieving the Intended Outcomes has been built from the success of previous courses on Resettlement and Livelihood Restoration delivered as an IAIA Online Training Course in 2022, and an in-person course at 2019 IAIA Conference, and IAIA / ADB Resettlement Symposium in 2017.   The purpose of the course is to assist resettlement practitioners to address key challenges experienced when implementing resettlement activities across the globe, with a specific focus on how these activities tie into impact assessment and feasibility study processes. 

The course will be presented by Liz Wall (Shared Resources) and Angela Reeman (Reeman Consulting), collectively referred to as the “Consultants”, who combined have over 40 years of resettlement experience.  The Consultants have extensive practical experience of applying the International Finance Corporation’s Performance Standard 5 on Land Acquisition and Involuntary Resettlement and can speak to many specific case studies globally.  They have provided resettlement and livelihood restoration training to numerous organisations across the world and will utilise this experience to create an effective knowledge-sharing platform.

Level: Advanced


  • At least 2 years of direct experience designing, implementing or auditing resettlement and / or livelihood restoration activities;
  • University degree;
  • Familiarity with the IFC Performance Standards.

Language: English

Duration: 2 days (6-7 May)

Min/Max: 15-40

Price: US$480

Instructors: Liz Wall, Shared Resources Pty Ltd (Australia); Angela Reeman, Reeman Consulting Pty Ltd (Australia)



Liz Wall

Liz has more than 20 years of global experience assessing and addressing social impacts associated with large projects in developing countries, almost all of which have generated some level of resettlement.  As a former IFC social specialist she is an expert in the implementation of the IFC Performance Standards and has provided training on these standards to more than 15 different clients since establishing Shared Resources in 2008. 

Liz has extensive experience working in Asia Pacific, Central Asia, Africa, Europe and South America.  She has supported companies to define their resettlement frameworks, written, reviewed and edited RAPs and LRPs, assessed resettlement from a due diligence and risk perspective and has completed a number of independent resettlement completion audits. She delivers strategic advice coupled with practical and implementable solutions to address challenges and maximize opportunities in the resettlement field.

Angela Reeman

Angela has more than 20 years of experience in social risk management, land acquisition & resettlement, and stakeholder engagement for major projects worldwide.  She has planned, implemented, audited, and monitored ESHIAs and RAPs in over 20 countries.  She has experience in Asia, the Pacific, Africa, Europe, Australia and North and South America. Angela has been involved in resettlement projects and SIAs for mines, oil and gas terminals, hydropower stations, marine facilities/ports, special economic zones, and linear features such as roads, railways, pipelines and transmission lines.

Angela works on major projects involving various international finance institutions (IFIs), including as their independent social expert.  She is very familiar with international social safeguards and is regularly requested to act on behalf of IFIs to review their potential investments.  Angela is currently or has recently been engaged by IFIs (e.g., IFC, WBG, EBRD, AfDB, EP banks) on major projects including a road project in Myanmar, a hydropower project in Uganda, a mine in Mongolia, LNG projects in Australia and Indonesia, and another hydropower project in Myanmar. Reeman Consulting has completed a number of independent resettlement completion audits including in Vietnam, Uganda and Myanmar. 

Angela has particular experience in addressing a number of complex social challenges often associated with resettlement including influx, impacts to vulnerable people and loss of informal livelihoods (e.g., artisanal miners, fishermen, tourism providers, nomadic herders etc.).  She is also experienced in the complexities of government-led land acquisition having worked in countries such as Myanmar, Eritrea, Vietnam and Indonesia.  Angela is actively involved in training and capacity building related to international best practices and social safeguards. She has delivered dozens of formal and informal training courses. She recently co-led a 6-day training course on behalf of the IFC in Myanmar for 30 participants on social risk management, land acquisition & resettlement and stakeholder engagement.