Leadership in EIA | 2 days (6-7 May)




This established IAIA training course is closely aligned with the conference theme for 2023, and we believe the raising of the topic by the trainer and associates within IAIA conferences over the last few years has been influential in highlighting the necessity for leadership skills within IA practitioners.

The course is based on the belief that enhanced leadership skills are required within the IA community to maximize their influence of IA projects and in delivering sustainability outcomes. 

Leading (and managing) an EIA process + team is a complex activity.  To maximize sustainability outcomes, team leaders must work productively with technical specialists but just as importantly, must also engage effectively with the broader Project team, including project managers, design managers and many other roles.  The increasing risk that environmental, social and compliance issues present to project costs and delivery schedules provides a particular opportunity for EIA leaders to embed environmental considerations into project planning and design decisions. 

To do this effectively, EIA team leads need skills and knowledge beyond those taught in professional and academic institutes.  This course fills the gap, examining the leadership roles IA professionals perform, and Which leadership tools can assist in communication, negotiation and influencing.  It will provide insights into how project teams work together, and the opportunities to put your learning into practice. 

With a strong emphasis on personal reflection and self-development, the intention is to draw out the skills you already possess, and to help you develop the mindset of an IA leader.

Level: Intermediate to Advanced

Prerequisites: General experience in managing or coordinating IA professional teams through to Impact Statement submission/review. 

An interest in self-development, particularly leadership & management level skills to enhance personal and project team performance.  Increase ability to influence IA professional outcomes within projects and improve the effectiveness of IA practice in general.

Language: English

Duration: 2 days (6-7 May)

Min/Max: 10-25

Price: US$480

Instructors: Ross Marshall, Founder and Director, Leading Green (UK); Palash Sanyal, Advisor, Coach and Trainer (Canada)


Ross Marshall

Dr. Ross Marshall has since 1989 been conducting EIA, building up EIA teams and providing executive oversight to major infrastructure projects in the UK Power & Energy, Waste & Water, Utility and Climate Change Adaptation sectors.  Between 2004-17 he was Deputy Director of the UK Environment Agency with responsibility for EIA & SEA, before leaving to create Leading Green, a training and advisory consultancy uniquely specializing in EIA, EMS and Sustainability leadership development and team performance, working closely with industry and governmental organization internationally.  Ross is a Past-President of IAIA, sits on the Training & Professional Development Committee, and is an active IAIA coach & mentor for IAIA’s PDP Course: “Foundations of Impact Assessment’.  He is also a former IEMA director (UK) and EIA professional competency examiner and loves bad jokes.

Palash Sanyal

Palash Sanyal (GCB.D, PMP) works as an Advisor, Coach, and Trainer on climate change, impact assessment, and management of sustainability risks. An Executive and Certified Emotional Intelligence (EQ) Coach, he works with leaders in multiple industries, focusing on the environment: building teams, exploring edges, and resolving conflict among groups and project stakeholders. 
Palash holds degrees in environmental engineering, development economics, and water security. He is committed to creating space to listen and learn together while addressing global water security − one of the world’s most pressing challenges. Palash sits on the Boards of Sandbox Mutual Insurance, Royal College International, International Association of Public Participation (IAP2) Canada, and WaterAid Canada.