Is this session open to submissions, closed to submissions, or open to submissions by invitation only?

A “submission” refers to the abstract of a paper, or to the summary of a speaker’s topic if the speaker is not presenting a paper but instead is participating in a panel, roundtable, debate, etc.

Open:  This means that anyone can submit to the session.

Open by Invitation Only:  This means that only individuals specifically identified and invited by you, the session chair, are allowed to submit to the session.

If you are inviting individuals to the session, you should provide their names, if already known, in your session proposal. If not already known, you should give an indication of the number of people you expect to invite. These people are required to submit abstracts by the abstract submission deadline and are subject to the one-per-person rule; i.e., they may not be committed to more than one session. Persons who appear in your session plan (to be prepared at a later date) who did not submit abstracts and/or who are not registered will not be included in the final program.

Closed:  This means that no one can submit to the session. Some sessions are not conducive to presentations or formal speakers; therefore, abstracts are not appropriate and only the session chair is listed on the program. Examples:  A workshop with no presentations or speakers, or a gaming session.

Note:  All participants in your session are required to submit an abstract, whether they are an invited speaker, a debater, panelist, etc.

Only abstracts submitted online, by the submission deadline, will be accepted.