Because it is the only international, interdisciplinary, educational conference dedicated to advancing the art and science of impact assessment!



IAIA annual conferences have brought together a unique mix of experts and professionals for 40 years, and with over 1000 participants from 80+ countries expected to participate in-person and virtually, IAIA22 will continue that tradition.


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Where else can you gather to hear perspectives in impact assessment from around the world – all in one place? Be prepared for some out-of-the-box thinking, applying solutions developed across the world to your little corner of it.


how will i benefit?

NETWORK: Expand and maintain contacts with your peers, clients, and those who conduct, evaluate, and require impact assessments. Participate in one or more of many social events, whether virtual or in-person.


LEARN & GET INSPIRED: Explore current best practice principles, recent tools, and techniques. Learn about cutting-edge IA theory and practice from around the world. Participate in stimulating and thought-provoking discussions.


CHOOSE YOUR OWN ADVENTURE: Attending in person? Choose from numerous and diverse training courses, theme forums, technical visits, and concurrent sessions (both live/in-person and pre-recorded/virtual), ranging from interdisciplinary approaches to topic-specific workshops. Virtual attendance gets you live, interactive access to all theme forums and virtual networking meetings, plus access to all pre-recorded presentations and the related discussions.


For more details about what is included in person versus virtual, check out the Virtual Option page.


SHARE EXPERIENCES:  Present your work and get international feedback. Abstracts for papers and posters are invited through 8 November 2021, and you choose whether to present in-person in Vancouver or via a pre-recorded video in the virtual platform. After the conference, offer to give a presentation or report to staff within your own organization, sharing the materials, insights, and opportunities you received at IAIA22.


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who will be there?

One of the strengths of IAIA conferences is its diversity of participants. Whether you attend in-person or virtually, you will find:

•     Nearly every region of the world represented.

•     Broad mix of sectors – academics, consultants, industry, donors, and government.

•     Inter-disciplinary representation of various fields like health, social, environment, etc.

•     Access to experts in the field of impact assessment.


Find out more and see a list of organizations represented at recent IAIA conferences here.



what if i can only attend virtually?

The virtual component offered for IAIA22 will give you a great taste of IAIA conferences, with livestreamed theme forums, pre-recorded presentations, and lots of virtual networking opportunities. In-person delegates will also have access to the virtual platform, so all delegates will be able to engage virtually with one another. IAIA22 will use the same Pathable platform that made the virtual IAIA21 so successful. Check out what those IAIA21 delegates had to say:




how do i convince my employer?

Seeking approval to attend IAIA22? Check out the justification toolkit at for help selling your participation to your employer. Resources include a sample attendance justification letter and cost worksheet.