IAIA22 Submitted Poster Abstracts

Following is a list of IAIA22 Annual Conference poster abstracts.

  • Cantareus apertus as bioindicator of heavy metals accumulation


    Abstract ID# 6

    Presenting Author: BENBELLIL-TAFOUGHALT  Saida |  Coauthor(s):  TABABOUCHET Meriem

    Summary Statement: The results of our study highlight the snail Cantareus apertus potential to be used in environmental monitoring studies as bioindicator of heavy metals pollution.


    Acceptance Status: pending


  • Land Acquisition Impact Assessment and Management of Public Works in Japan


    Abstract ID# 5

    Presenting Author: Kenji  OGURA |  Coauthor(s):  Kise ADACHI

    Summary Statement: The Land Acquisition Impact Assessment and Management for public works (LAIAM) has been introduced as a social impact assessment in Japan. LAIAM helps resettlement mitigation by utilizing GIS.


    Acceptance Status: pending


  • Visual tools: choice, design and literacy Portuguese case studies


    Abstract ID# 7

    Presenting Author: Ana  Roque de Oliveira

    Summary Statement: A qualitative study on the use of visual tools worldwide and in Portugal reveals how their choice and design may influence EIA public engagement and trust among stakeholders.


    Acceptance Status: pending