IAIA22 Submitted Poster Abstracts

Following is a list of IAIA22 Annual Conference poster abstracts.

  • A digital solution for elevating participant voices


    Abstract ID# 38

    Presenting Author: Lindsay  Dakan |  Coauthor(s):  Lisa Zook

    Summary Statement: How can projects better bring the voices of participants back to program staff and stakeholders? Amplio�s Talking Book is a digital solution that collects qualitative feedback recordings from users.


    Acceptance Status: approve


  • An improved EIA methodology to minimize environmental impact with the landf


    Abstract ID# 46

    Presenting Author: Min Kyu  Ji |  Coauthor(s):  Junyoung An

    Summary Statement: In this work, we suggest an improved EIA methodology for private landfill projects, to minimize environmental impact with the leakage of landfill leachate to water bodies.


    Acceptance Status: approve


  • Environmental Assessment as a Tool for Managing Impacts on Wetlands


    Abstract ID# 36

    Presenting Author: Guilhermo  Lombardi Garbellini |  Coauthor(s):  Cherie Westbrook

    Summary Statement: This research explores the mitigation hierarchy in EA practice for managing the impacts of mining operations to wetlands in British Columbia and Yukon.


    Acceptance Status: approve


  • How development impacts traditional rangeland management?


    Abstract ID# 34

    Presenting Author: Shima  Amiri

    Summary Statement: Tourism and other development projects if implemented using a top-down approach, may detrimentally affect local and tribal communities. This can be partially alleviated using a more inclusive approach


    Acceptance Status: approve


  • Hydropower and Nature based Solutions in the Eastern Nile Basin


    Abstract ID# 42

    Presenting Author: Sumia  Mohamed

    Summary Statement: Using Nature-based Solutions in a transboundary context to address the effects of hydropower development and climate change in the Eastern Nile Basin.


    Acceptance Status: approve


  • Participatory Process in an Evaluation of an Alternative Study


    Abstract ID# 40

    Presenting Author: GIOVANNA  DURAND |  Coauthor(s):  JULIE EVANS

    Summary Statement: This poster illustrates the participatory process undertaken to evaluate alternatives and define the best alignment for a 555km long 200kV Power Transmission line in Paraguay.


    Acceptance Status: approve


  • Visualization of information for supporting decision-making of stakeholder


    Abstract ID# 44

    Presenting Author: Junyeong  An |  Coauthor(s):  Min Kyu Ji

    Summary Statement: We analyzed the flow of the wastes generated in the local governments of South Korea, containing regional information on waste generation and treatment. And we visualized the analyzed results so that


    Acceptance Status: approve


  • What’s going on? Information on Canada's Federal Public Registry


    Abstract ID# 39

    Presenting Author: Chantal  Brodbeck |  Coauthor(s):  Patricia Fitzpatrick

    Summary Statement: This presentation considers the efficacy of the public registry for providing a basic tool to build on to facilitate meaningful engagement.


    Acceptance Status: approve


  • A Practitioner's Map of the World Bank's Environmental and Social Framework


    Abstract ID# 53

    Presenting Author: Warren  Mayes

    Summary Statement: This is a poster distilling the core elements of the World Bank's Environmental and Social Framework for practitioners seeking to visualize its logic and understand its complexity.


    Acceptance Status: approve


  • IA and Public Participation for Geothermal Development in Teshikaga, Japan


    Abstract ID# 35

    Presenting Author: Yuki  Shibata |  Coauthor(s):  Risa Tominaga

    Summary Statement: This poster discusses methods for impact assessment of community-driven geothermal development based on a case study in Japan.


    Acceptance Status: approve