IAIA22 Submitted Poster Abstracts

Following is a list of IAIA22 Annual Conference poster abstracts.

  • A Practitioner's Map of the World Bank's Environmental and Social Framework


    Abstract ID# 53

    Presenting Author: Warren  Mayes

    Summary Statement: This is a poster distilling the core elements of the World Bank's Environmental and Social Framework for practitioners seeking to visualize its logic and understand its complexity.


    Acceptance Status: approve


  • An improved EIA methodology to minimize environmental impact with the landf


    Abstract ID# 46

    Presenting Author: Min Kyu  Ji |  Coauthor(s):  Junyoung An

    Summary Statement: In this work, we suggest an improved EIA methodology for private landfill projects, to minimize environmental impact with the leakage of landfill leachate to water bodies.


    Acceptance Status: approve


  • Application of phylogenetic diversity on environmental impact assessment


    Abstract ID# 15

    Presenting Author: Who-Seung  Lee

    Summary Statement: This presentation shows how phylogenetic diversity could apply on environmental impact assessment, particularly SEA for river mater plan and wildlife disease strategy in terms of biodiversity.


    Acceptance Status: approve


  • Assessing the effectiveness of Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA)


    Abstract ID# 45

    Presenting Author: Jiye  Lee |  Coauthor(s):  Kyong Ho Kim

    Summary Statement: This study aims to evaluate SEAs conducted for policy-level plans in South Korea.


    Acceptance Status: approve


  • Cantareus apertus as bioindicator of heavy metals accumulation


    Abstract ID# 6

    Presenting Author: BENBELLIL-TAFOUGHALT  Saida |  Coauthor(s):  TABABOUCHET Meriem

    Summary Statement: The results of our study highlight the snail Cantareus apertus potential to be used in environmental monitoring studies as bioindicator of heavy metals pollution.


    Acceptance Status: approve


  • Deep Learning to Mitigate the Impacts of Pollution on Human Health and Fish


    Abstract ID# 10

    Presenting Author: Taeyun  Kim |  Coauthor(s):  Daeyong Jin

    Summary Statement: This study focused on developing a tool that estimated CDOM and TSS spatial distribution by applying deep learning technology and utilizing satellite ocean color data and numerical model outputs.


    Acceptance Status: approve


  • EI Analysis on the Offshore Wind Farm and Database System Development


    Abstract ID# 9

    Presenting Author: Jun Ho  Maeng |  Coauthor(s):  Who-Seung Lee ,   Sangyun   Lee ,   Haemi Lee

    Summary Statement: This study mainly focuses on development of environmental impact assessment guideline and database system for pre-, mid- and post construction of the offshore wind farm.


    Acceptance Status: approve


  • EIA analysis and implications for the private urban park projects in South


    Abstract ID# 28

    Presenting Author: Hee  SAGONG |  Coauthor(s):  Yong-Joon JOON

    Summary Statement: This study analyzed the EIA report of private urban park projects in South Korea and propose the direction of environmental evaluation and the management plan of local governments.


    Acceptance Status: approve


  • Environmental Assessment as a Tool for Managing Impacts on Wetlands


    Abstract ID# 36

    Presenting Author: Guilhermo  Lombardi Garbellini |  Coauthor(s):  Cherie Westbrook

    Summary Statement: This research explores the mitigation hierarchy in EA practice for managing the impacts of mining operations to wetlands in British Columbia and Yukon.


    Acceptance Status: approve


  • How development impacts traditional rangeland management?


    Abstract ID# 34

    Presenting Author: Shima  Amiri

    Summary Statement: Tourism and other development projects if implemented using a top-down approach, may detrimentally affect local and tribal communities. This can be partially alleviated using a more inclusive approach


    Acceptance Status: approve


  • Hydropower and Nature based Solutions in the Eastern Nile Basin


    Abstract ID# 42

    Presenting Author: Sumia  Mohamed

    Summary Statement: Using Nature-based Solutions in a transboundary context to address the effects of hydropower development and climate change in the Eastern Nile Basin.


    Acceptance Status: approve


  • IA and Public Participation for Geothermal Development in Teshikaga, Japan


    Abstract ID# 35

    Presenting Author: Yuki  Shibata |  Coauthor(s):  Risa Tominaga

    Summary Statement: This poster discusses methods for impact assessment of community-driven geothermal development based on a case study in Japan.


    Acceptance Status: approve


  • IA on HNS discharged from marine industrial facilities in South Korea


    Abstract ID# 25

    Presenting Author: Bohyeon  Yeo |  Coauthor(s):  Jun Ho Maeng ,   Hyeyun   Ku ,   Taeyun Kim

    Summary Statement: This study introduces objective and approaches to develop the IA model for mid- to long-term spread of HNS in coastal region of South Korea.


    Acceptance Status: approve




    Abstract ID# 24

    Presenting Author: Tsung-Chang  Li |  Coauthor(s):  Shang-Ming Wang

    Summary Statement: This paper mainly discusses how EIA review result is used to enforce the developer to reduce or adjust the area of the development to mitigate adverse impact for off-shore wind power cases.


    Acceptance Status: approve


  • Instruments for EIA Beyond National Jurisdiction


    Abstract ID# 41

    Presenting Author: Charles  Di Leva

    Summary Statement: A range of legal and policy instruments can help to ensure sound EIA in areas beyond national jurisdiction, and that can link with incentives for financial support.


    Acceptance Status: approve


  • Integration ESG into the Company's Business Process


    Abstract ID# 14

    Presenting Author: Aldi  M Alizar |  Coauthor(s):  Syalva Taskia

    Summary Statement: How turning ESG challenges into opportunitie through collaboration that affected company management system. Implementation of ESG will have many benefits for the company itself, along with SDG (5P).


    Acceptance Status: approve


  • Land Acquisition Impact Assessment and Management of Public Works in Japan


    Abstract ID# 5

    Presenting Author: Kenji  OGURA |  Coauthor(s):  Kise ADACHI

    Summary Statement: The Land Acquisition Impact Assessment and Management for public works (LAIAM) has been introduced as a social impact assessment in Japan. LAIAM helps resettlement mitigation by utilizing GIS.


    Acceptance Status: approve


  • Methodology for Potential Critical Habitat Delimitation


    Abstract ID# 13

    Presenting Author: Alejandro  Dorado |  Coauthor(s):  Gustavo Zuleta

    Summary Statement:

    Identification, delimitation, qualification and quantification of Ecologically Suitable Areas, on a regional scale, for assessing biodiversity impacts.


    Acceptance Status: approve


  • NBS for renewable energy projects


    Abstract ID# 19

    Presenting Author: Seulgi  Jeong |  Coauthor(s):  Who-seung Lee

    Summary Statement: Communities are shouldering the burden of renewable energy projects. Approaching the renewable energy projects as a nature-based solution can create a healthier community and improve social equity.


    Acceptance Status: approve


  • Object-based image analysis in urban areas using UAV imagery


    Abstract ID# 18

    Presenting Author: Geonung  Park |  Coauthor(s):  Kyunghun Park ,   Bongguen   Song ,   Seounghyeon Lee ,   Suah Lee & Hungkyu Lee

    Summary Statement: The purpose of this study was to investigate the possibility of using a land cover map with data based on high-resolution images acquired by UAV in urban areas.


    Acceptance Status: approve


  • Optimization of urban green space arrangement to reduce urban heat island


    Abstract ID# 47

    Presenting Author: ZHENGGANG  PIAO |  Coauthor(s):  Eunsub kim

    Summary Statement:

    Urban heat island, optimization, urban green space, surface temperature, cooling effect


    Acceptance Status: approve


  • Participatory Process in an Evaluation of an Alternative Study


    Abstract ID# 40

    Presenting Author: GIOVANNA  DURAND |  Coauthor(s):  JULIE EVANS

    Summary Statement: This poster illustrates the participatory process undertaken to evaluate alternatives and define the best alignment for a 555km long 200kV Power Transmission line in Paraguay.


    Acceptance Status: approve


  • Review on Environmental Impact Assessment Re-consulting System


    Abstract ID# 30

    Presenting Author: Yong Joon  Joo |  Coauthor(s):  Jin-oh Kim

    Summary Statement: Environmental impact has occurred due to changes in plans since the consultation on EIA, but there is no system for residents' participation, so we intend to prepare improvement measures.


    Acceptance Status: approve


  • Seagrass(marine endangered species) investigation method by ROV and Drone


    Abstract ID# 12

    Presenting Author: Hyoungsum  Han |  Coauthor(s):  Seunghyun Lee

    Summary Statement: The spatial distribution of marine endangered species using Drone and underwater ROV, and propose the method as a future method of Marine endangered species(Seagrass) on EIA target area.


    Acceptance Status: approve


  • Study on land use change and water quality Nakdong-River basins


    Abstract ID# 29

    Presenting Author: Ho-In  Lee |  Coauthor(s):  Kyung-Hun Park ,   Byung-Hyun   Moon ,   Bong-Geun Song ,   Seoung-Hyeon Kim & Geon-Ung Park, Su-Ah Lee

    Summary Statement: The purpose of this study is to evaluate the water quality impact and establish a management plan for land use change using UAV.


    Acceptance Status: approve


  • Systemic multi-objective conservation modeling under climate change


    Abstract ID# 48

    Presenting Author: JR  Zhu |  Coauthor(s):  Dong Kun Lee

    Summary Statement: This research has supported objectives related to multi conservation and multi sector of climate change impacts as a priority consideration for the entire region.


    Acceptance Status: approve




    Abstract ID# 37

    Presenting Author: DAN  ADINO

    Summary Statement: This study set out to explore the process of obtaining FPIC from West Pokot indigenous people affected by Eastern Africa Regional Transport, Trade and Development Facilitation Project


    Acceptance Status: approve


  • Using regression with machine learning to predict soil contamination


    Abstract ID# 33

    Presenting Author: Hyewon  Kang |  Coauthor(s):  Dong-Kun Lee

    Summary Statement: Based on the parameters and metadata summarized, It aims to develop a model that predicts the inventory of heavy metals and organic carbon in the soil by using regression models with machine learning.


    Acceptance Status: approve


  • Visualization of information for supporting decision-making of stakeholder


    Abstract ID# 44

    Presenting Author: Junyeong  An |  Coauthor(s):  Min Kyu Ji

    Summary Statement: We analyzed the flow of the wastes generated in the local governments of South Korea, containing regional information on waste generation and treatment. And we visualized the analyzed results so that


    Acceptance Status: approve


  • What’s going on? Information on Canada's Federal Public Registry


    Abstract ID# 39

    Presenting Author: Chantal  Brodbeck |  Coauthor(s):  Patricia Fitzpatrick

    Summary Statement: This presentation considers the efficacy of the public registry for providing a basic tool to build on to facilitate meaningful engagement.


    Acceptance Status: approve